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Kate Moss and Styling Couture, Kérastase hair fixation range

Kérastase, one of the reference brands in terms of hair care in the hairdressing salon, has launched a magnificent new challenge: styling products, and it does so with an unparalleled ambassador, the international model Kate Moss. Among them Luigi Murenu, artistic director of the range Styling Couture from Kérastase who is said to be a choreographer of hair and enhances it instead of changing it.

This is the first time that the model represents a luxury hair care brand and explains that it has chosen Kérastase "Because their products are fantastic. I have used them for years. I love, above all, the bathroom and the mask of the range Chroma Riche, designed for colored hair"

Kate Moss He has quickly identified with the brand and explains that: “lThe new range has really fantastic products, but my favorite is definitely the Spray à Porter. It really allows you to get that disheveled effect, like a beach look. Add to that a little Kôlh for a smoky eye makeup, a natural lip and you'll be ready for a party night! ”

Luigi Murenu also reveals his favorite products: "My favourites? The Bouffante Mousse, because it is absolutely glamorous; Lift Vertige, because it brings a very light volume to the roots; and Sérum de Polissage, which provides a great softness and offers a very natural shine that is what we always want to achieve as the final touch of the hairstyle ”

The range of finishing products Styling Couture from Kerastse It consists of ten products divided into two large groups:

Hairstyle Construction

Custom finishes