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Jennifer Aniston's colorist's tricks for tweaking roots at home with supermarket tints

Pincha en la imagen para descubrir los mejores tintes para el pelo de supermercado que también puedes conseguir en Amazon.

There is no longer an option. Save the visit to the Barber Shop now it is an obligation, but the roots do not wait. And the gray hair either. Therefore, tricks to touch up color at home have become the most valuable of the quarantine for all those with the dyed hair. Not to mention if those tricks are revealed by himself Michael Canalé, the trusted colorist of Jennifer Aniston and the author of his iconic mane with blonde highlights.

To the keys to touch up the roots at home according to the colorist of Beyoncé, we add the extensive experience of Canalé, who has ensured that he has sent all his clients, including Shakira, Heidi Klum or Penelope Cruz, the necessary instructions to dye your hair at home. "We are sending their exact formulas so that they can do the touch-ups at home. It is not easy, but all my clients know how I work and we are giving them the necessary instructions," explains the expert in an interview for Page Six magazine.

The colorist has recommended to buy the supermarket dyes, to be semi-permanent, until the confinement ends: "Buy the boxed dyes sold in supermarkets and use a semi-permanent formula until you can return to beauty salons. Forget the gray and play with the mahogany highlights, Have fun knowing that it is not permanent. Then your trusted professionals will be able to continue where they left off. "

As for choosing the color, he warns: "Opt for a natural color base and two shades below at the root, since it takes the coloring in a different way. If you usually use a chestnut, at the root you can choose a light blonde " And he adds: "Add a few drops of Argan oil in your regular conditioner "to keep it softer and silkier than ever.