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Is it true that in autumn more hair falls?

It has always been said that with the fall of the leaf it also falls into hair. But Is it a myth or the pure truth? Well, although it may seem like a lie dermatologists still do not agree on the subject, but the firm Arkopharma He states that hair loss during autumn becomes more evident, especially in women, and we explain why.

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<p>According to Arkopharma experts, «<em>the increase of the summer temperature accelerates the growth of the hair, in particular the anagen phase, therefore, approximately two months after the high temperatures, there is an increase of the hair loss quite evident</em>.</p><div class=

«In general, in most cases, hair recovers without problem with proper care. ButIn addition to the excess temperature, during the summer the hair is exposed more to moisture and chlorine, and especially in dyed hair, with wicks or that abuse the irons and the dryer, it is frequent that they detach more easily«. That is, if in summer we take care of our hair accordingly, in autumn the fall will be less …

Forté PharmaForté Pharma

As we are two steps away from the change of season, we offer you some product proposals that can help you control hair loss or even promote growth. Take a good note!

Arkocapil Advance, from Arkopharma. Food supplement with nutrients that help maintain hair. It contains methionine, cystine, zinc, vitamins B5, B6, D3, B9 and biotin that provide strength, beauty and vitality to the hair. For this season Arkocapil gives with the pack, 3 accessory for fashion pickups. Sophisticated, casual, glamorous, elegant … using these accessories you can wear many different hairstyles. Your price: 60 capsules / 11, € 90

Hair Expert, from Forté Pharma. Food supplement to combat hair loss, reduce breakage and act against hair aging. It brings vitality and volume thanks to ingredients such as protein hydrolyzate rich in cysteine ​​and methionine, brewer's yeast, burdock, iron, zinc and vitamins of group B, C and E. Forté Pharma offers a complete program, in addition to the hair expert, The expert Keratina, a restructuring program rich in bioactive Keratin, Arginine and Zinc, acts from the inside to help the hair regain its strength and structure. Your price: Hair program pack (Expert Keratina + Expert Hair + a gift bag) € 49.50

Triphasic VHT, from Rene Furterer. Anti-hair loss regenerating serum formulated with ATP (Adenosin Triphosphate), the essential energy of the cells that prolongs the life of the hair. Its formula acts on the 3 main factors responsible for the progressive fall: vascular, hormonal and tissue. Associates the incredible properties of ATP, in the extension of the anagen phase, to plant assets of proven efficacy. Your price: box of 8 bottles 5.5ml / € 69.70

Falling Fortifying Serum, from Klorane. Concentrate that unites the strength of two natural assets with powerful anti-hair loss properties: a practical, pleasant to use and non-caking care that takes care of the hair from the root, obtaining an unmatched anti-hair loss and fortifying result. Associates the patented complex of natural active quinine – caffeine: a new concentrate of vitamins that fortify the hair fiber. Your price: spray 125ml / € 42.50


Initalize, from Kérastase. Concentrated capillary regenerating serum with native plant cells, which act right at the birth of hair so that it grows stronger, brighter and denser. A serum that protects the environment of the stem cells in order to optimize the production of the capillary material from the root and reinforce the resistance of the fiber. Your price: € 38.60


Creastim, from Ducray. Hair growth reactivator for a complete and effective response in the occasional hair loss of women. It is composed of innovative assets; Creatine, tetrapeptide and a vitamin complex (B5, B6, B8), this new fall protection acts directly on the mechanism of the hair cycle. The hair recovers volume, density, strength and vitality from the 1st month of use. Your price: box of two bottles 30ml / 51, € 50

Leonor GreylLeonor Greyl

Fall prevention tonic, from H&S. Tonic that increases capillary density and protects the scalp. With Triple active complex Technology, it combines the three active ingredients Panthenol, Niacinamide and Caffeine, to effectively reduce hair loss associated with dandruff. The result is immediate, the hair is visibly denser and with greater volume than before using it. It also protects and moisturizes the scalp. Your price: € 9.95


Complexe energisant, from Leonor Greyl. Revitalizing blisters against hair loss. A complex based on amino acids, natural and mineral plant extracts that slow hair loss and stimulates its regeneration. It is formulated with proline, agave extract, riboflavin, yeast and beer extract, beech extract, tara and lactic acid. Your price: box of 12 ampoules / € 61.20

Neogenic Dercos, from Vichy. Single dose treatment for hair revival. The goal is to wake up the sleeping bulbs with the 1st patented molecule to favor the proper functioning of the stem cells at the origin of new hair. Apply morning or night on dry or wet hair. With the 14-dose chest Vivhy gives you an applicator to distribute the content with zigzag movements. Your price: 14 single doses / € 62.00