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In Active Beauty we raffle Braun Silk Epil epilators

SilkEpil 7 Double Action, by Braun

New month and new draw, and as we know that you are about to save your pants and bushy stockings to replace them with more transparent ones or to show off your legs without them, we have thought that the best gift to get around this month could be an epilator. Right right? If you want to know how to participate and discover all the details of the Braun SilkEpil7 Double Action that we raffle, you just have to keep reading …

All people who leave a comment in April in any of our tickets or ask a question in the entrances or sections beautyQuestions or beauty Questions to the Dermatologist they will enter the raffle of one of the 3 epilators Braun SilkEpil7 Double Action, valued at € 165 each, which we raffle this April.

(email protected) (email protected) we will announce them on May 1st.

Braun SilkEpil7 Double Action It includes a double action head to obtain smooth legs in a single pass. This head has an accessory, which includes Venus technology, with which you will remove all the hair in a single pass and you will exfoliate the skin leaving it incredibly soft. The exfoliating effect eliminates up to 50% of any hair encysted under the skin and sweeps dead cells, achieving a unique softness and more uniform legs free of impurities for weeks.

The double action head is to be used only in wet (under the shower) combined with foam or gel. Water has relaxing and soothing properties that help make hair removal less painful. By applying hot water, the body releases endorphins that act as natural calming agents so that the skin relaxes, the pain is minimized and the possible irritation of the skin is reduced, which can originate after hair removal.

In addition to these features, remember that the Braun SilkEpil7 Double Action:

  • removes hair the size of a grain of sand
  • the angle of inclination of its tweezers has improved for a more effective hair removal
  • Its head is pivoting and flexible, to better adapt to any area of ​​the body
  • It has a light that marks and guides the path during hair removal, in addition to exposing the shortest and finest hair
  • It is wireless. With an hour of charging allows an hour and a half of hair removal continuously

Good luck!