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I'm high and I wear high heels and it doesn't really matter what you think

Soy alta y usaré tacones, y de verdad no me importa lo que me digas

Clothes do not define the beauty of a person, as does their size, weight or height. Women are free to do the things we want and without waiting for a society to tell us how to live in a happy way. So let's forget the whole fashion issue, it's time to dare to wear the clothes and accessories that we love the most, no matter if we are thin or plus size, low or tall; We girls dress for ourselves, not to impress others.

How many times, when walking down the street, we have not heard that tall girls should not wear heels, they look bad stealing the height of a boy when they are by his side. We are not going to lie that at first we feel ashamed and very self-conscious, however being tall and wearing heels does not have to cause you embarrassment. I won't tell you exactly what my height is, but for most of the men around me I tend to be quite tall.

Tall girl sitting buckling high heels

I will not deny that my stature made me feel self-conscious, at first I thought I was intimidated to anyone who was in front of me. Over time I learned to love my height, that the feeling of insecurity was caused by the comments of other people, so I put them all aside and began to love myself.

Then the criticisms were increasingly harsh, there were people who mentioned that he should not wear too high heels; his justification was that he should not add more height when he was large enough.

The truth is that the negative comments did not intimidate me, I do not judge people by the outfit they choose to wear, I do not really judge them for anything in general. But I hope that if they try to get me off some heels, they don't do it for their own safety, it would really be a shame to leave those wonders aside.

Tall girl in high heels walking down the street

We should not go around the world criticizing the options and preferences of others; Does it bother us so much the way they decide to live their lives? Why instead of criticizing you do not start to take advantage of your qualities and live in a happy and relaxed way?

We should begin to focus on the confidence we feel within ourselves instead of creating insecurities just to feel superior to others. Yes, I am a tall girl and I am not ashamed of it, if you as a man feel insecure by my side but you say you are really a man without fear, a pair of heels do not have to intimidate you, do you?

Nina Dovbre posing for a photograph on a red carpet

The truth is that I have always dressed to satisfy myself and look beautiful, to make myself smaller will not make me more attractive and one thing should be clear: I dress for myself, not for you.

I love breaking all the rules and my heels have always helped me, that's why I love them. Who said the man had to be taller than a woman? They are just nonsense and myths of society; I love my heels, here they and I are ready to face a world where women have to engage in ways of life where we literally have to be smaller than men.

Plus size model posing in swimsuit while wearing high heels

My heels have given me more than just a nice outfit, they have filled me with confidence, power, courage and courage and now I can be the woman I want, with or without them on.

As a woman I prefer to feel good about myself before making someone else comfortable. Because I have a strong voice and I'm not afraid to use it, I am not afraid to be recognized and that is why I love every inch of me. So save your comments unless they are to tell me how beautiful I look.

I'm tall and I will never leave my heels.