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If you like the aroma of jasmine, these 5 perfumes will conquer you!

Gucci Bloom For Her by Gucci

It's one of the most exquisite floral perfumes of recent times, It captures the smells that are perceived in a garden full of flowers, where tuberose and jasmine are the kings. Eye, the jasmine This fragrance is obtained using an exclusive technique that preserves the green aroma and that of the petals to the point.

Olene Eau de Toilette, by Diptyque

If you want to know what a Venice flower garden smells like under the moonlight, spray this fragrance on your skin. Its wake displays a waterfall of wisteria or wisteria flower, jasmine, daffodils and honeysuckle. Although the aroma is subtle and delicate, it remains intact throughout the day!

Carolina Herrera Eau de Parfum, by Carolina Herrera

This was the first fragrance from our beloved Carolina Herrera and, as expected, it reflects elegance, prestige and femininity from the bottle to the bottom of the fragrance. Its olfactory pyramid is composed of bergamot and apricot at the entrance, jasmine and tuberose in the heart, and sandalwood and amber in the background.

Jasmin Kusamono, by Armani Privé

Of all the jasmine scented perfumes, this is the most unusual, multifaceted and original. Play with a blend of nashi pear and a salty chord at the entrance of the fragrance, it is wrapped with absolute jasmine sambac and lily of the valley at the midpoint, and hug your skin with santal scent and white musk. It smells clean, fresh and sea.