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If you are blonde (natural or not), this Lush hair mask leaves it shiny and soft

If you are blonde (natural or not), this Lush hair mask leaves it shiny and soft

During these weeks that we have spent at home, we have learned to do all those beauty treatments that we would never have thought of mastering. Of course, it is always much better to quit this job in the hands of professionals, but in case of need, we have designed the eyebrows and dyed the roots with more than acceptable results.

Now you can do it again manicure and pedicure in your beauty salon already the barber shop to make you that cut so trendy that you will wear all summer. However, there is something you can easily do at home that FOREVER he wants a lot: a mask. If you are blonde (natural or not), this lush hair mask leaves it to you super shiny and smooth And it smells like lemon!

If you have never entered in a Lush store, do it at the first opportunity you have or spend an afternoon for your online store. There you will discover a lot of original, sustainable products and very surprising. Have you heard of hot treatments? They are a real cocktail of juicy fruit and essential oils for take care of your mane.

They are ideal for those days when you have a little while to take care of yourself and they are used BEFORE washing hair: Are applied on dry hairare left 20 minutes and then to the shower! "When you apply the treatments dry, undiluted, its essential oils and fresh fruits penetrate each strand much better," Explain Daniel Campbell, inventor of products from Lush and scientist specialized in cosmetics. The blonde's favorite? Is named Marilyn, Clear.