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If these days you notice the skin of the dry and irritated face, try this aloe vera gel from the pharmacy and you will see how it relieves you

No matter that you clean your face with the softest products. Nor that you apply the most delicate serums. Nor that your usual moisturizer is perfect for dry and irritated skin. Sometimes, despite all these cares, your skin rebels, either for hormonal, environmental or nutritional factorsAnd when that happens, none of your regular beauty elixirs seem to work. It is then when we must go to products that are as simple and natural as possible, that hydrate thoroughly, but at the same time are absolutely respectful. Any ideas? Yes, an aloe vera gel you can buy in the pharmacy and to solve all these dilemmas in record time.

Specifying more, the Interapothek Pure Aloe Vera Gel it has everything we need. Especially indicated for dry and sensitive skin, it is ideal to rebalance and nourish them thoroughly. His triple action softening, anti-irritation and regenerating, it is just what your complexion is crying out for, and it is achieved thanks to aloe veraIt is full of nutrients, vitamins A and C, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and proteins that regulate the skin. In this way, as soon as you apply it, you will feel a sense of relief and freshness immediately, and in the long term, your face will look shiny and juicy.