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IDEAS of long haircuts to innovate

cortes de pelo largo

long haircutsI love long hair, but the problem many times with our long hair is that we don't know how to wear them in a different way. That's why and if you've got bored of wearing the same style I've decided to give you some ideas of Long haircuts that you can consider to give this touch of innovation that you want in your look.

Now, I know that leaving our favorite cut can be a bit complicated and it took me a long time to put aside the long layers, since I felt good about them and my hair looked good.

But, haircuts should not only look good but should give a fresh air to our style, which is not always the same.

So, if you have noticed that you have been with the same court for a long time, then this moment may be the one to change.


Do you really want to do it? If so, do not forget to know the ideas of Long haircuts I have prepared for you.

Ideas of long haircuts consider

As I have already told you and surely you already knew how to change the cut can be difficult, so today I do not want to talk about short haircuts, since it is a very drastic change from a long hair to a small mane.

But, if you have decided to generate a change and renew your look you should be open to the idea of ​​wearing, for example, a half-length or a cut that leaves you with less hair than you are used to.

  • I will begin by recommending you Long haircuts with layers and asymmetric. This is a good idea, especially if goods with a long and even cut. With this you can have some tufts on the sides that help frame your face. In addition, you should consider that the layers give a lot of dynamism to your hair.
  • Shag cut. This cut will lead you to have a quite unstructured and different style. Keep in mind that long hair with this cut allows waves as well as exaggerated hairstyles with a lot of volume and movement.
  • Symmetric layered cutting is an alternative of Long haircuts that you can choose if you want to change, but without impacting excessively.
  • Take a risk with the bangs. You have had long hair, but you have not dared to use it with bangs. If so, do not stop looking for different options that go with your face type. When you make a bangs you will realize how a small detail can greatly change your look. One type of bangs that is currently in fashion is long, quite bushy. This turns out to be very versatile, since it will let you perform different hairstyles without problems.


Likewise, if you decide to integrate the bangs you can also do it in other ways, such as located on both sides or tilted to the side of your face.

  • Now, if you have already had layers and want to stop using them you can also go for another style of Long haircuts And it's the straight cut. This is really simple, but this may be what you want now for your look. Keep in mind that this cut is very simple and natural, although for some it is somewhat boring.

The important thing is that you keep in mind that when changing your cut you have to feel comfortable with the new style chosen.

That's why I invite you to look for images of cuts that you like, of bangs that attract your attention as well as you must recognize the type of face you have and which are the most flattering cuts for him.

Maybe by following these recommendations you will find the new cut that you want to wear and that turns out to be flattering for you.

Also, remember that if you like to wear long hair it is essential that you take good care of it, since a long mane is not very attractive, but without shine or mistreated.

Videos of long haircuts

Images of long haircuts

bold long haircuts

Now that you have known these ideas and recommendations, I want to invite you to share this article and tell me which of these styles you have considered for yourself. Also, you can tell me what long hair styles you have used and liked.