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Hydration: essential for your skin … and your tan


Hydrating the skin is necessary to prevent it from aging prematurely, but in summer, it will also help us prolong our tan. A good moisturizer and proper nutrition will help keep skin healthy and beautiful.

The skin, which is the largest organ of our body, is composed of 70% water, half a liter of which we can lose every day. The liquid element ensures vitality, elasticity and enhances the resistance of the skin against external aggressions. But it is not only necessary for our skin, it also helps to transport nutritious substances such as salts and oxygen, eliminates harmful substances from muscles, such as lactic acid, keeps our joints flexible and lubricated, regulates the temperature of our body through sweating, etc. For all that, we must replenish our body with a liter and a half of water a day.

However, drinking water does not ensure a hydrated skin. According to Dr. Julián Conejo-Mir, president of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, “it is totally false. A dry skin does not need water, but fat. Many models say in the media that their secret to having beautiful skin is to drink huge amounts of the liquid element, when drinking more than two liters is dangerous to health, it only manages to force the kidney. In fact, one study showed that there are people whose body is hydrated but not their skin. ” It is necessary to drink water, but as a vital gesture and in a moderate way.

When the alarm goes off

Dehydration affects all skins, whether dry, mixed, oily, sensitive or reactive. The symptoms, which are aggravated with the passage of time, are clear: feeling of tightness, lack of flexibility, loss of softness, stinging and peeling. Dehydration is the first stage of aging and hydration the first need of the skin. To maintain the balance of water on the skin, it is necessary to provide good hydration every day, both through food and with cosmetic beauty products such as moisturizers.

Prevage Body, by Elizabeth Arden (€ 150).

In the morning, after showering, the skin is in perfect condition to assimilate any product. In addition, after the bath you need to revitalize and that is, in short, the mission of a good moisturizer. Spread a thin layer of product throughout your body with a light massage so that your skin absorbs it perfectly. The correct thing is to do it with movements directed towards the heart, that is, from the feet to the chest and from the hands also towards the chest. For the face, neck and neckline use a specific product suitable for your skin type with protection factor, whatever the weather conditions or the time of year.

Also for your hair

We already know that hydration is essential to achieve a flexible and young skin. But have you ever thought that your hair also needs hydration? The symptoms of a dehydrated hair are easily recognizable: it is opaque, it has a rough touch due to the separation of the scales that form the cuticle, it is more porous and brittle and it is easily electrified in addition to having split ends. To solve this problem, work in three directions: restructuring the internal structure of damaged hair; rehydrating it as well as providing emollient products that give it elasticity, softness and shine. You can perform these treatments in the hairdressing salon, and complete them at home with appropriate products.

In summer, prolong your tan

Hydration is necessary during every day of the year, however during the summer it is essential. It not only gives the tan a more radiant and luminous appearance but also prolongs it. If you want it to lengthen some time after summer, exfoliate your skin throughout the summer and moisturize it. The exfoliation will help so that the tan sits better on your skin and the moisturizer will fix it.

Cosmetic proposals

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