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Hugo came to accompany his girlfriend and left with a good haircut.

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Hugo is one of those clients that we love to have. He has very good hair, totally trusts us and likes to innovate. It is always a pleasure to receive and see him leave with a smile, distributing kisses and pointing his next appointment.

A couple of weeks ago, he came to see us wanting a change of look. Nothing too aggressive or exaggerated, but noticeable. That was all he told us; From there, he let us do. It was the first time he put himself in Nadia's hands, so in a way it was like starting from scratch. And that was what we did.

Before picking up the scissors, we reviewed our lookbook together, to narrow down as much as possible the spectrum of looks in which we were going to move. His face is thin and elongated, with delicate features and a nose with a lot of personality; Shouted for a fresh and casual cut, to enhance those lines so clear and give an arranged but informal air. We love that kind of guy who looks like they just got out of bed and forgot to shave, but they actually control every hair in detail.

The final choice was a mix between a soft faux hawk and a slightly disheveled side disheveled. Wide legs as a continuation of the three-day beard, forward bangs and casual finish with molding wax. Both he and we were very happy, wanting to repeat.

What do you think of you? Would you have made the same choice? Suggestions are welcome, which we will transmit to Hugo the next time he comes. We love to hear from you, MadRoomers?