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How to wash your hair well: we explain it to you!

Choosing the right shampoo is essential to preserve healthy and beautiful hair. However, it is not the only important thing: wash it well has its trick, even if it seems simple. We tell you in 10 points what is the ideal step by step.

  1. Brush the hair before washing it to remove lacquer debris, foams, etc.
  2. Moisten the hair completely in warm water, because too hot it opens the pores too much and dries excessively. Wet the scalp and hair well before applying the shampoo.
  3. Pour a little shampoo into the palm of your hand. The right amount is the size of a nut, which allows you to create enough foam for all the hair.
  4. Spread the shampoo in different areas of the head with the fingertips and, with the other hand, emulsify in circular movements so that the shampoo reaches the entire scalp. You should never rub your scalp and even less with your nails. The order is as follows:
    1. Top of head
    2. Head side
    3. Crown and middle areas
    4. Tips and neck.
  5. A gentle massage is enough. Hair must fall naturally. The root or the tips should never be rubbed.
  6. It clarifies the hair very well letting the water run through it.
  7. After washing, it is very important to apply a conditioner. This works as a shield preventing hair breakage when detangled with fingers or comb. It should be applied by all strands of hair, from the tips up. Leave on for a few minutes. At the tips you should always apply double quantity of conditioner. Rinse the hair well letting the water run while you caress it, to remove all the cosmetic.
  8. Intensive masks give the hair extra hydration and care. It is recommended to start the treatment two or three times a week and then apply them once a week. It is very important to let them act on the recommended time. Rinse abundantly so there are no remains.
  9. With a clean towel, we must press the hair gently to dry it, avoiding rubbing it. Never brush your hair while it is still wet. Comb the hair from the middle of the hair towards the ends.
  10. Use the dryer after removing moisture from the hair with a towel: never when the hair is still dripping. Dry the hair root well, especially on the nape, to prevent moisture from opening the cuticle and leaving it unprotected. Your hair is ready!