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How to recover hair after a hair loss reaction

Again, with the change of time, the hair falls again. It is not a fall as important as the fall, but it shows … As you know, because you usually read our digital magazine, there are different types of hair loss. On the one hand there is the androgenetic, linked to genetic, hormonal and vascular factors. On the other, the attributed to toxic elements, such as that produced by some medications. And finally there is the reaction hair loss, which is what we are going to look at in this article.

Reasons that cause reaction hair loss

Reaction hair loss may be caused for one or several particular events: after pregnancy or breastfeeding, a period of stress or exhaustion, an emotional shock, a weight loss diet, a drug treatment or a change of season.

There are different factors, related to the stressful pace of life that we lead, that can cause this reactionary hair loss to occur. Stand out work stress (which affects 24% of employees); drastic slimming diets, which cause deficiencies in the organism and, finally and even if it seems like a lie, the trips, which are increasingly frequent and distant, and create climatic transitions, sometimes brutal, that can cause hair loss.

The reaction fall is manifested by the sudden and massive loss of a significant number of hairs (more than 100 a day) during the 2 to 4 months following the event that caused it.

It has important psychological consequences. First of all, who notices that he is losing a lot and suddenly his hair feels scared, because his physical appearance can be altered.

Let's remedy hair loss!

In the same way that you heard that cell stress produces premature aging of your skin, it also has – naturally – a great impact on the scalp.

According to experts, in the reactionary fall, punctual stress (emotional stress, fatigue, post-pregnancy, drug treatments …) activates neurons near the hair follicles, causing acute inflammation, responsible for massive hair loss.

With this clear, the scientists of René Furterer they set out to look for an asset that would block the production of the inflammatory factor between the moment of hair growth and the fall. The result was the development of a new 100% naturally occurring asset: the Lotus Mineral Complex ™.

This associates the aqueous extracts of Lotus Azul and Lotus Blanco – originally from Southeast Asia – and Magnesium Salt, with real efficacy on the inflammatory pathway and the action of cellular stress.

It has been scientifically proven that Lotus Mineral Complex ™ decreases the production of the molecule that inhibits the hair cycle by up to 60%, thus allowing stop hair loss of reactionary origin. An innovative action in the hair sector.

Triphasic Reactional, reaction hair lossTriphasic Reactional

These products can help you

René Furterer just presented the blisters Triphasic Reactional formulated with Lotus Mineral Complex ™ as a star ingredient. This combines 3 fundamental actions: slows hair loss, relaunches growth Y reinforces hair. According to studies, it has been proven that since the first month:

  • 92% of users have proven their effectiveness,
  • in that same time they have collected 42% less hair,
  • the growth rate, at three months, has increased considerably for 72% of users,
  • 81% of users have noticed an increase in their hair volume of 81%
Triphasic Reactional, Reactive Hair LossTriphasic Reactional Shampoo

Blisters Triphasic Reactional It is a practical and easy to use treatment. A single application per week is sufficient for its effectiveness and leaves a pleasant perfume in the hair thanks to the essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus.

It comes in a box of 12 ampoules of 5ml, which are the complete treatment for 3 months. Its price: € 58.80.

The treatment is complemented with the Shampoo Triphasic, stimulating action and formulated with the same active complex and essential oils, which strengthens the hair and helps its growth. Its price: 15.90 / 200ml.

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