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How to protect your wig or hair prosthesis from the sun

How to protect your wig or hair prosthesis from the sun

We have summer just around the corner and the sun's rays are increasingly affecting our body and also our head. If you wear a wig or hair prosthesis of natural hair either because you have lost your hair due to chemotherapy treatment to cure cancer, alopecia or aesthetic reasons there are a number of tips that you have to keep in mind in summer to protect your wig from Sun.

Hydration is key

The hydration of normal hair in summer is key but more so in the hair of hair prostheses and wigs since these do not feed on the fat or nutrients provided by our scalp.

From Beltrán Centers we recommend that you nourish your wig and prosthesis much more than you do in winter. For this use more mask in each wash (we advise you to use the Wella SP LuxeOil Mask), let it act for a longer time and perform the maintenance of the piece more frequently (as soon as you notice that the hair curls).

Protect hair with the right professional products

In Beltrán Centers we always advise against the use of white marks or brands bought on large surfaces to perform the correct maintenance of wigs and prostheses. In addition, there are professional product brands that are aware of the importance of using specific products that protect the hair from UVA rays in the summer. One of them Wella SP.

  • After-Sun Shampoo: Restores natural levels of moisture in the hair after a day at the beach. Remove all sunscreen, salt and chlorine residues and leave the hair much more manageable. In addition to soothing and cleaning the hair, this shampoo repairs the hair structure from the inside and restores its natural shine.
  • After-sun conditioner: Instantly repairs hair and restores the natural level of moisture. It incorporates the formula after sunbuilder that cleans and soothes the hair after sun exposure.

Protect it with hats and caps

Avoid, whenever you can, expose your wig to the sun for many hours in a row. The sun, as with normal hair, can damage the color of your hair, so it is recommended that you cover your head with hats.

Anyway, if you see that the color of your natural hair wig or your prosthesis has been lightened with UVA rays you can give it a color bath or a dye so that it recovers its initial color. Of course, use professional dyes for this and whenever possible Take it to a specialized center to achieve an optimal result.

In addition, if you see that the hair tips of your wig or prosthesis are curled and damaged it is also recommended, after the summer, that the cuts.

Keep all these tips in mind so that your wig or your natural hair hair prosthesis keep a perfect look both during the summer as after! And remember, if you want to leave it in the hands of professional experts, make an appointment at our center. In Beltrán Centers we are specialized in the hair prosthesis manufacturing tailored with those you can make a totally normal life in summer (you can go to the beach, the pool and even sleep with it) and in all kinds of treatments maintenance Y repair.