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how to protect hair from pollution

how to protect hair from pollution

Pollution levels are increasingly high and in cities like Madrid, specific action protocols come into action to reduce air pollutants. These are measures that have already been put in place to reduce the impact that the pollution has in people's health but the hair It is also altered by the presence of these agents.

The specialized clinic in hair health, MC360, indicates that the pollution reduce the quality of hair making me look dry and dull and also causes a peeling scalp which favors the appearance of dandruff.

Pollution produces a deterioration of the cuticle whose structure is altered causing the hair to come brittle. To cope with the effects that pollution has on hair, the doctor Pablo Naranjo List the tips you need to protect your hair:

1. Avoid heat

Avoid excessive use of heat elements such as irons and the dryer It is key so that there is no damage to the root of the hair. That is why it is essential to adjust the temperature and intensity to prevent breakage and subsequent hair loss, as well as reduce the frequency as much as possible.

2. Brush and wash your hair frequently

"It is totally false the myth that the more you wash your hair, the more it gets dirty," says Dr. Pablo Naranjo, who points out that, at Wash the hair, contaminants that are accumulated in the scalp are removed.

Just as important is brushing your hair, because that's how you activate your circulation, always dry since brushing in the wet breaks the hair since the keratin protective film is weakened by the action of water. It is very important to always use a natural bristle brush.

3. Hydrate our hair

An essential step is that of hydration. The use of nutritious products It ends the dehydration of the hair, since the contamination causes it to become dry and rough. Check out these homemade masks to nourish your hair.

4. The importance of food

"Taking care of our daily food, incorporating foods from these categories helps prevent hair from becoming brittle," says Dr. Naranjo. What are those? The fruits and vegetables They help strengthen the hair follicle.