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How to pluck your eyebrows at home without dying trying?

How to pluck your eyebrows at home without dying trying?

If you were used to having your eyebrows plucked or quarantined before quarantine microblading to have them effortlessly perfect, this is the time to learn to plucking eyebrows at home for YOURSELF, and succeed! All you need is a brow brush, a mirror, an eyeliner, tweezers and follow the next steps.

We assure you that NO disaster will occur and you can control the thickness!


The first thing you have to do is wash your face as usual, take a brow brush and comb the hairs up and out to put them in order. Be careful, doing this step in your daily routine will open your eyes.


Now stand in front of a mirror, hold a white eyeliner pencil and place it on the next three points on your face, You must also mark with a line to give the eyebrow the correct shape:

Point one. Put the pencil at the start of the nostril vertically, passing through the eyebrow. Check it so you know where to start.

Point two. To find out where to make the arch of the eyebrow, place the pencil in the corners of the nose, passing diagonally the iris of the eye and ending at the eyebrow. Mark the end of this line.