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How to paint your nails easy step by step and look beautiful

How to paint your nails easy step by step and look beautiful

How do you have to paint your nails well? If you want to learn how to paint the nails without staining and make them look more beautiful than ever, I will teach you a technique that is the one I use for my hands in which you can enjoy nail art as well as apply in acrylic nail designs.

I learned this step by step from a friendly manicure who always gives me advice and tips to get my nails in the best possible way.

I always understand that you should not only select a theme such as animals, flowers, hearts or for different dates or special days such as Christmas, Halloween or Valentine's Day to express your love.

If not, you should also use solid colors to give it a base such as blue, violet, yellow, pink, white, black, red, blue and the range that you like best.

What you have to achieve is that the skin is not touched and that they remain neat but at the same time elegant, as well as avoiding lumps or different layers that are noticed.

If you do not have much practice it can be a difficult task but with these tips you will be like your own manicure at home.

But let's not waste any more time and let's go to what really interests you, which is to learn how to paint your nails quickly, easily and elegantly.

Steps to paint your nails without being manicure

1 Nail Cleaning

Appearance is something important since if you have the best possible it will be all easier to apply on them.

Remove the cuticles and try to hydrate each of them, which can be with olive oil or drinking a lot of water, which in addition to doing well for your health and body you can improve your nails when painting them.

File your nails if necessary to give it the shape you want before applying the polish.

And also with a small cotton you must spend a bit of polish remover with this you will be able to remove traces of dirt.

Woman applying nail polish

2 Base nail coats

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the type of nails you have to be able to apply the nail base to protect them.

Nail polish depending on the brand you use can spoil your nails that is why it is always advisable to use a base before applying on it.

The nail base they are also called as base coats.

If you do not apply a base your nails can turn yellow and dehydrating which the future of your hands can be very compromised and deteriorate their health.

You can have the kind of fragile nails, fluted nails, thin nails or bites that is an anxiety channel for many people.

If you have them fragile It is recommended to apply to harden and take strength through the vitamins in the cuticle. Therefore, this will prevent them from starting to flake or break more easily.

If you suffer from the problem that they are striated, the optimum is to apply those that promise to smooth the surface and then improves the cuticle of the nail.

For these cases, I recommend applying a straightener so that the enamel will adhere more easily to the base.

The thin nails are a big problem since the main thing they need is keratin and we must look for a base that contains this component to strengthen and give it a better shape.

Some that I liked a lot are the fiber bases that help in two ways.

On the one hand with the fiber and then on the other hand with the smoothing layer, with that you can apply the enamel you need and more you want.

In the case of people who eat their nails this is another problem that I first recommend treating you with a doctor since it is important at an early age to understand what anxiety you do not have or the nerves to channel through the fingers.

And on the other hand use an enamel that is top coat or a base depending on what you want to do.

To stop eating the nails the best is some enamel that is very bitter to the extreme.

But if you want to wear them painted then first select the enamel and then give it the bitter touch.

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<h3>3 Hardener or transparent nail polish</h3>
<p>You already have everything ready to select the color of nail polish that you like the most but first I recommend that you use a hardener enamel that allows you to fix much better the color polish that you select and does not expand on your nail.</p>
<p>In addition to having the property of hardening your nails, the enamel will not reach your cuticle at the time you have to extend or design a drawing in the best nail art style or nail design that you like, as it remains fixed on the brush stroke.</p>
<p>Another advantage is that the paint will remain much longer without jumping and ruining.</p>
<h3>4 Method of applying nail paint</h3>
<p>There are many ways to apply color to your fingers, but the best one is undoubtedly that you do it without staining.</p>
<p>With your fine brush that brings your enamel you must apply on the nails from the middle to extend vertically.</p>
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Always respecting the same address.

One direction to make your nail smooth and neat.

It is the advice that I can give you so that it is well painted.

In my case I made the mistake of doing in two directions up and down and it really was very bad for that reason always only one direction when painting my nails.

When applying always try to be in thin and thin layers at all times which allows you to get it from taking off.

Between each layer you must let dry and then apply another layer.

If you apply without letting a layer dry you can cause marks in your design or lines that you don't want to appear.

According to the enamel quality Try to be from a recognized brand as long as the price of the enamel allows it.

Tip to always keep your enamel in good condition is to have it in the refrigerator or refrigerator, this allows you to extend the duration and keep it in excellent condition as well as being much more effective when applying it.

Another detail do not use old enamels as it can be a waste of time and counterproductive for the design you want to make.

Tip for your enamel: never shake it since this is a very common mistake of women when we are going to paint.

This is because if you shake it up and then down what you cause then to paint you blow bubbles on your nails that can not ruin the design.

It is always best to take the enamel bottle in your hands and do it ro

give it horizontally which moves the content a little without shaking.

10 steps to paint nails in pictures

This is another way that I show you step by step so you can paint your nails

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<p>Here is the explanation of how you should take the enamel brush and paint the fingernails.</p>
<p>Paint carefully as if it were your skin.</p>
<p>Protect the edge of the finger as your manicure does.</p>
<p>Paint the style after it is clean.</p>
<p>Use plenty of water and pre-select in advance the color you want to be painted.</p>
<p>The tip uses good manicure tricks applied French or French style.</p>
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