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How to Paint Lips Perfectly Step by Step Easy and Fast

How to Paint Lips Perfectly Step by Step Easy and Fast

Like any beauty tip before starting lipstick You have to be very clear about the shape and which are the tones that best fit the color of your skin.

Within makeup we must have fundamental pillars to always be beautiful.

Both learning how to paint nails, hair, eyes (eyebrows and eyelashes) and finally your lip is a matter that will accompany you all your life and to do it perfectly in a quick and easy way this is the most complete guide you can find.

I remember when I was a child, my first beauty set was a lipstick or lipstick (as my friend Roxana calls it) that at that time was non-toxic because of my young age and always asked for the same thing but its quality was quite bad because it dried.

As I grew up in the adolescence stage I learned that not only the lips should be painted with a method and a technique according to how your lips are but with patience and concentrated on what you do.

In my case I have thick and full lips but it is not the same to paint if you have thin or small lips.

There are techniques to highlight the benefit of each woman's mouth and that is what I am going to help you with.

In addition to indicating each step by step we will learn beauty tips that helped me to highlight what you may lack in the touches of makeup and that many times you want.

Before I start, something that I look at first is knowing the eye makeup color type that we are going to use and with regard to the tonality of the cheek blush to combine in harmony with the mouth.

You have to know that it is divided into 3 types of lipsticks where you can use translucent, pearly or matte lipsticks.

The good thing about makeup that helps us correct or conceal strengths of our face that we have.

You can have some imperfection or something you don't like and that is why it is important first to define what your lips are like in this case.

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<h2 id=How to paint your lips easily in 7 steps

Only in 7 steps will I show you how you can paint your lips with lipstick and look more beautiful than ever.

1 – Hydrated Lips

To start you have to look at a mirror that your lips are well hydrated and that it is not dry since that causes cracks in the lips and it will look bad in the application of color.

Therefore I recommend preparing the area of ​​your lips by drinking a lot of water daily as a routine of life since it is good for health and is then reflected in what people see of you as in a bathroom mirror that you see yourself.

How to avoid cracks in the lips?

You can do this with petroleum jelly, colorless lip moisturizer, cocoa butter.

If you are in summer it is best to use on the beach moisturizing for lipstick but with sun protection since the sun dries your mouth a lot.

If you are a teenager or you plan to paint your lips, it is better to avoid any type of long-lasting lipstick since they are usually the ones that cause re-dryness of the lips causing cracks in your skin.

I always recommend for these types of cases those that are creamy which will cause you to maintain much more natural moisture that has to have the lips.

A big mistake that I made was to moisten my lips by passing my tongue since at the moment I felt a great relief but then when my mouth was dry it dried and dehydrated my lips even more which I do not advise you at all.

Having a moisturizer a lipstick like cocoa butter is the best moisturizer you can have economical.

The advice my grandmother gave me and it works is to spend a toothbrush with soft bristles at night and then a wet towel to remove any excess skin you have.

This always in the best delicate way since if you do it very rough you can worsen the area of ​​your body.

Another environment that you should avoid are places with high heating.

For example, where I worked, I had the radiant slab in winter and my lips were very dry.

For me one of the most sensual parts of the body is the mouth for something the kisses are a classic and the trumpet became so fashionable in the selfies.

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<h3 id=2 – Delineated Lips

If you use eyeliner to mark the contour of your lips it is fine but it is currently a bit outdated method since there are lipsticks that fulfill that same function.

But it can be useful to use a lip liner that you used before so that the paint did not run, but now with a neutral colored pencil it can be used to better fix the color you want to use.

3 – What is the color of lipstick that suits you best?

This is a very personal decision that will depend on the skin complexion you have.

The tone of your lips may be pale which I recommend you use coral or beige lipstick.

On the other hand, if they are reddish like mine, the tendency is to use pink, blueberry or orange colors.

If you have dark lips as a friend of mine, the best will always be burgundy, red and wine.

These tips that I give you are according to my experience and it really works but always the style and your look you have to give it by trying what is best for you.

4 – How to apply lipstick?

You always have to apply the lipstick from the center of your lip outward but you never have to put many layers of color since the excess is very bad in your mouth.

At the edges of the mouth you will generally have excess paint which is easily removed with your fingers.

5 – Duration of the Lipstick

For a lipstick to last longer, what you have to do is first buy one that says maximum duration but it will always be much more expensive and not always your pocket can afford it.

So I am going to leave you with a very simple trick that is classic and works very well that it is simply to apply a first layer and then kiss a handkerchief. What it does is fix on the skin any type of paint both in cracks and flat surfaces.

Then again you apply another layer with which with two layers of lipstick is enough and it will last you all night.

paint-lips-thick "width =" 736 "height =" 657 "srcset =" 736w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / images / beauty / paint-lips-thick-300x268.jpg 300w, 504w "sizes =" (max-width: 736px) 100vw, 736px "/></p>
<h2 id=6 – How to avoid lipstick stains on teeth?

If your option is to choose a red or burgundy color I always recommend using a trick that is classic so that your teeth do not get stained since being so strong the color is very bad and unprofessional to see a painted lipstick tooth.

Just by inserting your index finger into your mouth with your lips closed and you take it out as if you were going to uncover a bottle of wine you will hear the noise your mouth will make.

All the excess paint you have will remain on your finger and not in your mouth or your teeth.

You can do this trick several times to make sure there are no stains left on your teeth.

7 – Shine on your lips

If you have a party I always recommend after painting your lips that you apply a thin layer of lip gloss without color, what it does is enhance your mouth and also gives it a very princess and fashion touch that I recommend.

How to paint the lips according to their shape

This is one of the questions that many women ask me on the Women Women Facebook page where when I have time I answer all the messages and try to give my experience as you can give yours.

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<h3 id=Thick or large lips

The thick, wide or fleshy lips as I have in my case and more than one girl surely wants to have this type of lips, the tone that I recommend is to use the matte color which are generally quite thick tones.

With the lipstick you have to paint the contour inside the lips to give it that smaller effect.

I recommend that you use this type of lipstick at night because it gives an appearance of elegance for an event mainly and not for daily life.

Regarding the full lips as always happens when you have them you want them to be a little thinner.

You want what you don't have and reject what you have is normal for human behavior.

Gloss for thick lips is counterproductive because it gives more volume and is not recommended.

The makeup you use always has to be brown in color and hue and not use red.

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<h3 id=Fine lips

If you have thin or very narrow lips as one of my daughters, the best thing I recommend is to use pearly colors are the ideal ones because they give you volume and greater amplitude.

In addition to adding a touch of shine you can use for daily life not only for an occasion but get used to applying with the lipstick whenever you can.

With the lipstick it is best to outline on the outside to give it that effect of greater size as if you had a fleshy lip.

The type of tone should be strong but at the same time warm and very bright to enhance.

In cupid's bow you should avoid applying color.

Something that I always recommend regardless of your lip is thin or thick is that you use the translucent color to give your lip that moist effect that is so necessary and so sexy for all women.

In addition it brings brightness and maintains the tone that we need so much.

Uncompensated or Uneven Lips

When you have the difference of having lips that are not equal in their dimensions and sizes you should focus the goal of matching what is with respect to the thickness of the lips of your mouth.

Simply profiling the irregular lip you have is more than enough to solve it.

To do this you must achieve the same way as I explained above, depending on whether you have thin or thick lips, the important thing is to apply a luminous tone for a thin, dark lip with no gloss to the thick one.

Lips commissure descending

This type of lip has a friend of mine, it always seems that she is sad for her face and that her face ages faster but she takes care of herself with many creams and has nothing to do with her mood but for her way of mouth.

So the solution that a friend makeup artist who works with TV celebrities gave her is to avoid the curves of Cupid's bow when she makes up the corners.

paint-lips-thin "width =" 670 "height =" 525 "srcset =" 670w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / images / beauty / paint-lips-thin-300x235.jpg 300w, 574w "sizes =" (max-width: 670px) 100vw, 670px "/></p>
<h2 id=Tips to learn how to paint lips easily

  • With an eyeliner pencil you must outline the contour. It has to have a lighter color than the lipstick you use but it must be similar to the hue.
  • Always before applying the lipstick should be from the center of your lips to the outside with that you manage to concentrate the color in the middle and move the layer to the end of the mouth
  • The center of the lips should take advantage since it is where the visual of the people who look at you is focused, the golden glow. The benefit is to illuminate our lips.

Youtube video to learn how to make up your lips

I hope you liked these tricks and beauty tips so that your makeup always stands out.

Remember that makeup is an art and you can look very beautiful.

The shape may vary but each woman has her charm and that is the beauty of makeup.

Do not neglect your face or your eyes are an important complement.

Respect each step to take advantage of these tricks.

Don't be afraid the eyeliner takes advantage of its potential.

The perfect red tones will always be the most used for makeup

You should be careful with low quality products generally do the opposite of what they promise.

Your face will thank you and you can share with all your friends these tips by sharing on facebook or twitter all the ideas I offer you.