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How to make waves in the hair without heat

Cómo hacer ondas en el pelo sin calor

How to make waves in the hair without heat


The waves in the hair They are the latest fashion in hairstyles and offer a look which is flattering for all women. However, to obtain them on many occasions we resort to dryers, irons and tongs that, due to the great heat they give off, end up seriously damaging the health of the hair fibers and drying out excess hair. To prevent this from happening, in the following article of a How we give you the keys you need to wear natural wavy hair without having to subject it to high temperatures. Discover how to make waves in the hair without heat!

Steps to follow:


Fixing foam

In the market there are several products indicated to mold the hair and give it a wavy shape as is the case with the fixing foam. This is ideal to get some natural waves and with a very flattering surfing air. You only have to wash your hair and apply the foam when it is still humid extending it very well from the root to the ends. Then, mark the waves by winding the different strands of hair with your fingers and finish by applying a bit of hairspray so that the hairstyle lasts longer.



The previous hairstyle is effective especially in girls with wavy hair, if in your case it does not work you can try to get waves in the hair without heat making you several braids. Just before going to sleep, pick up your wet hair in several braids that are not too tight and the next morning to undo them, your hair will have a very beautiful wavy. Apply a bit of serum so that the hair is well combed and softer.

How to make waves in the hair without heat - Step 2




The traditional curlers for curling hair are a great alternative for to wear a hair full of waves. You must choose the size of the curlers depending on whether you want to get a more or less marked wave. You just have to wind each strand of hair with the curl and hold it at the end with a hairpin, take into account that it is better to do it with wet hair and let it air dry for a natural effect.

How to make waves in the hair without heat - Step 3



Ballerina Bow

The classic ballerina bun is also a very simple way to make waves in your hair without heat and get a look spectacular. You just have to wash your hair, let it dry in the air and when it is already slightly wet, pick it up in a ponytail at the height of the ears. Then with a rubber band, roll the pigtail in one direction as if you were making a ensaimada and place a hair net on the bun. The next day, undo the bun, untangle your hair with your fingers and you will have a wavy hair ready to dazzle.


With a t-shirt

This is a homemade trick with which it is possible to get a wavy hair surprisingly. You need an old t-shirt that you have at home to cut it into strips that are approximately 2 to 3 cm wide. Once cut, roll the strands of hair into the shirt strips and hold them by a knot or by placing forks. Leave your hair like this for a whole night, in the morning carefully remove the shirt strips and comb the waves with your fingers applying some fixing product.


hair ribbon

Finally, you can also make some beautiful waves in your hair with the help of a tape that is placed around the head. Put the tape with the hair a little wet, go through the locks inside until the entire hair is as shown in the image. Do it just before going to sleep and when you get up you will have a well defined thick waves.

How to make waves in the hair without heat - Step 6


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