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How to make waves in the hair with braids

Cómo hacer ondas en el cabello con trenzas

How to make waves in the hair with braids

Are you tired of always wearing straight hair and want to give it extra movement? To achieve it easily and without having to move from home, nothing better than make waves in the hair that give a completely different look and adapted to the latest trends in hairstyles. Natural wavy hair, loose and with a lot of movement are in fashion and there are several ways to achieve them, but in this article of a How we show you one of the techniques that is causing rage, for which you will only need some gummies and a hair straightener . Stay tuned to the following lines and discover how to make waves in the hair with braids.

Steps to follow:


So that the final hairstyle is flattering and the waves are natural and precious, we recommend that before wash your hair as you usually do and leave it completely clean.

Some tricks that you can put into practice during this task to improve washing are: use warm water instead of very hot water, since the latter dries excess hair, apply a good moisturizing conditioner after shampooing, gently wash your hair and perform the last rinse with cold water to seal the cuticles and achieve some more shine on the mane.

How to make waves in the hair with braids - Step 1


Once you have washed your hair, you should remove the moisture with a towel, without exerting too much force, and dry it completely With the help of a dryer. In order not to damage the hair, we advise you to apply a thermal protector that will protect it from the heat of the dryer and the iron that we will use later. Before continuing, it is important that you make sure that there are no wet parts and that the hair is completely dry.

How to make waves in the hair with braids - Step 2


With very dry hair, the next step is divide it into two sections and pass the comb through each of them. Next, you have to make yourself a common braid with each partition of hair and hold it with a rubber band at the end without tightening it too much. In this way, you will get large, surfer and very natural waves.

In case you want to get another finish and prefer that the waves be smaller or more defined, then you will have to make more partitions and make some more braids. You should also keep in mind that the closer to the root you braid the hair, the sooner the waves begin.

How to make waves in the hair with braids - Step 3


Now, it is time to use the iron. You just have to hold one of the braids by the base with one hand, and with the other start to pass the iron along the braid from top to bottom. The way in which you apply the heat of the iron is decisive in this hairstyle and to make it look good you don't have to do it like when you straighten your hair, but you must press the braid making small touches with the iron so that, thus, the heat penetrate well and mark the shape of the waves.

Perform this procedure about twice on all the braids you have made and go to the next step!

How to make waves in the hair with braids - Step 4


Finally, remove the gummies, undo the braids gently with the help of the fingers and, with these, go shaping hair strands until you find the waveform that you like and favor you the most. When you have all your hair loose and full of incredible undulations, apply a bit of hairspray so that the hairstyle is fixed and remains intact for hours and hours.

What do you think of this way of make waves in the hair with braids? Incredible true? And all in record time!

How to make waves in the hair with braids - Step 5


If in addition to these techniques, you want to master your iron and create magnificent waves with it, we invite you to consult our article How to make waves in the hair with the iron.

And for those who do not want to subject their hair to the high temperatures of the irons or tongs, we also have a long list of options, from creating waves with the fixing foam, to making them with curlers, ribbons, shirts, hair bands, etc. . Discover all these amazing techniques in the article How to make waves in the hair without heat. The result will impact you and you won't have to damage your hair at any time.

How to make waves in the hair with braids - Step 6

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