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How to make up your eyes this Christmas? Do not miss the most original proposals

How to make up your eyes this Christmas? Do not miss the most original proposals

The Christmas They are just around the corner and what better dates to risk and shine with the most daring makeup trends and that in your day to day you would not use. If you want you will be the most original these holidays with these proposals that we show you below.

Eyes to all neon

Shadows and eyeliner in neon and fluorine In the green, orange and pink tones are the most original proposals for these holidays. Give an eighties touch to your look with this makeup suitable for both day and night.

The white to give light to your look

Eyeliner White draw a thin line on the mobile eyelid and it will be perfect, you can also add another eyeliner of another color and make a combination original and daring.

Glitter to shine

Other top trends in make up this Christmas are the glitter stickers, you can wear them decorating the eyeliner, in the lower line of the eye or decorating the mobile eyelid.

Glossy Eyes, a juicy shadow

The glossy effect or effect wet It is a technique in which the lip gloss blends with shadows on the eyelids, creating a juicy shadow effect. To achieve a good result, use petroleum jelly or a transparent balm that is not dense or sticky.

Floathing Eyeliner

Floathing eyeliner is to carry the eyeliner above the base of the eyelashes, the most used color is black, but you can also risk using more striking colors giving a super-original touch to your look.

Feline look

Line your eyes up or down with a pencil or black eyelinerwearing the cat eyes to the extreme. The technique is that the eyelid line ends up, giving an elongated touch to your look. A classic That feels good to all eyes.