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How to Make Pin Up Hairstyle for Long and Short Hair 2020

How to Make Pin Up Hairstyle for Long and Short Hair 2020

In fashion everything is recycled and reappears the same happens with pin up hairstyles that although they seem to be retro hairstyles They are still in fashion, affirming this theory the celebrities, actresses and singers who continue using this hairstyle.

The best case to highlight is Katy Perry, Adele or Beyonc茅 who dared to wear these hairstyles so that fashion and glamor go hand in hand.

Everything has to be accompanied by good makeup as well as clothing that is consistent and alternative to this type of fashion.

It can be used for a costume party such as Halloween or if you want to have a very original hairstyle.

With these ideas that I am going to leave you and teach you step by step how to make each hairstyle according to the type of hair you will be able to return to being a pin up girl and delight all the men who like this wave.

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How to Make Pin Up Hairstyle Easy Explained Step by Step

I am going to explain all the steps you need to know to be able to do this pin up girl hairstyle and also I am going to leave you a YouTube video that I really liked the didactic and easy that is explained so that you can guide yourself visually.

For this hairstyle you are going to need a hair clipper, a butterfly as a hair accessory or a hair clip, as well as a scarf or bandana in the color that you like, keep in mind that it is combined with the lipstick that you use.

  1. You have to separate the fringe of your mane (bangs) as large as possible if you have long hair
  2. Then you knot it and hold it with the hair bra so you have it to separate the rest of your hair
  3. From the strands in front of the fringe you have to take small strands and you take your hair straightening machine and leave a loop in each past strand
  4. After you straighten the entire section of the hair of the bangs you begin to brush and then roll in one hand
  5. It will look like a giant loop that you can place on the front or side as you like
  6. Now you have to hold it with pins or bobby pins on the inside without being seen using all the necessary ones to put
  7. To finish, take the section of the back hair and as if it were a ponytail, it begins to twist and knot it holding with a butterfly
  8. The tips should be left out so they can be seen and if they can be looped or curled better
  9. Use barrettes to sprinkle the ends of the hair if you have long hair
  10. Take your scarf and fold it into a triangle, now take its ends and fold
  11. You put the scarf from the back of your head with the two ends of your forehead to tie and tie a bun very carefully on the fringe

Now next I am going to leave you different ideas so that you can show off your pin up hairstyles as beautiful as possible and you can get the best ideas to copy and imitate in your head.

馃懜 Long Hair Pin Up Hairstyles

The best incredible ideas to wear pin up hairstyles with long hair I assure you that you will be able to get very good original options to wear your hair the way you want.

With a scarf and long hair you can do great wonders by highlighting the hoop and fringe in a way where the makeup is well accentuated

Great volume bangs for this' 50s hairstyle where girls were untied with rock and roll and a white bow for that long hair

Hairstyle for simple long hair but that highlights a strand pulled back and the bangs with an important wave that generates that pin up effect that was worn in the 60s

Combination of pin up hairstyle for long hair with modern touches where the impeller helps to give volume to that large amount of hair

This redhead girl dazzles showing step by step how the loops were made taking advantage of a pin up hairstyle for summer and spring

Big eyebrows for this redhead that highlights her long hair with waves and loops in her bangs to give volume to the mane

Hairdo picked up with a giant red rose as a red dye hair appliqu茅 and a blonde lock highlighting a rounded straight bangs

Classic retro pin up style hairstyle where makeup must accompany the girl's complexion to accompany the fashion of previous years

In this hairstyle she stands out for her long hair and especially the loops on the ends, it is not so pinup style but it is a variant

With a bandana and a big bow this redhead highlights this red color even in her pronounced eyebrows and also her big lips accompanying big curls in the middle of the mane

馃懜 Hairstyles Pin Up Short Hair

Cut hair and half-length hair also goes along with getting trendy pinup styles and hairstyles where long hair isn't always necessary for a ponytail.

Hairstyles for short hair Pin Up blonde with a bun in her hair and big curlers

Vintage hairstyle where the cut hair has a fundamental role accompanied by its toupee with a lot of volume and fixative

Blonde hair is ideal for doing this retro hairstyle as Christina Aguilera did it

Ideal makeup for collected hairstyles and half mane where it is done in the same color as the eyelashes and eyebrows

Both bandana and large appliques are ideal for this pin up hairstyle.

The look with dresses are the perfect complement to wear this style of hairstyles for both winter and autumn

A modern pin up hairstyle in its bluish and violet color on its ends with light makeup and highlighting lipstick

Short hair style with lots of hairspray and waves that any woman can use in the best Marilyn Monroe style

Fringe toupee with volume and a handkerchief bow as if it were a red bandana for collected black hair very beautiful

Toupee hairstyle that marks the retro style on the front and its sides accompanying with a makeup with pastel shades

馃懜 Pin Up Hairstyles with Scarf

The bandana or well-called bandana is the ideal complement that can be used in the color that you like the best with polka dots, stripes, flowers or with the motif that you like.

How to make one of the vintage Hairstyles of the era of the 50s and 60s

How to make one of the most famous pin up hairstyles with a bandana and updo hairstyle

Another step by step of how to wear the bandana following these tips

Hair with a lot of wave wants to reflect a time when the shape of the hair had a great social and rebellious meaning

Braids were rarely compatible with pin up hairstyles

Another way of hairstyles to wear loose hair but wearing the scarves that you like as a divider accessory

馃懜 Pin Up Hairstyles with Bangs

Straight fringe with rounded volume and loose hair with large waves to give it the wavy effect

Eye-catching tattoo and hair color are currently closely related marking a cutting edge style

These hairstyles for both autumn and winter will never go out of style

Characteristics of Hairstyles Pin Up 40s

If I had to highlight a decade of the 20th century where elegance was present in women's fashion, I would certainly have to highlight the 1940s.

Where great importance was given to great hairstyles and that is why both bun and ripples are the ones that mark this time regardless of whether they wore their hair loose or collected but it marked a great advance in what was the pin up trend.

It was like a question of social level where the woman had more volume in her hair, she would be better seen and considered.

That is why they are generally famous when they have to go to awards ceremonies, they choose these types of hairstyles, especially on the red carpet where you can see many artists who live up to celebrity weddings.

Characteristics of 50s Pin Up Hairstyles

In the 1950s, when Rockabilly became fashionable, the young feminine society began to wear looser hair where large curlers continued to be used, but not being so marked in hairstyles, which gave rise to 芦toupee禄En masse in what are now vintage hairstyles.

The mane is always separated from the face so that the makeup of the face stands out mainly.

The lacquer begins to become popular with young women who want to gain abundant volume in their lush hair.

Characteristics of 60s Pin Up Hairstyles

We come to the decade of freedom and love for society as well as for fashion and beauty.

They tried to use the hairstyles in the best possible way that one liked here and you could reach the extremes of volume that today you would only use it for a Halloween night for fun.

Excesses went hand in hand with this type of fashion, so the lacquer and the great brushing of hair were present in great hairstyles.

Both the long manes and the toupee of many centimeters were common lake to shine as well as the thick side fringes.

Youtube video to learn how to do a Pin Up hairstyle with bangs and scarf

You can not miss this beautiful hairstyle where a bandana is used and the bangs are used if you have it long respecting the styles of pin-up hairstyles.

If you like all this retro wave Where in the 50s, 60s and 70s these hairstyles were used and now many women started to implement it again you can share the ideas with your friends right now.