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How to make French Braids Step by Step

How to make French Braids Step by Step

This time I'm going to show you how hairstyles are made with french braids or as its original name is called french braid or french braids which is one of the styles that are most used when you are looking for some type of braiding.

It is the most classic but at the same time it is still the most effective so it is chosen so much among the girls by being simple, fast but at the same time elegant.

Used by dancers, athletes, celebrities and now you have to use it.

In the following article I will explain all the steps in detail that you must do to achieve the beauty of this hairstyle but in turn I will leave you a photo gallery where you will be able to choose which one you like the most since It has different variations.

You can make the French braids on the side, inverted French braids, two French braids among many others that I will show you.

This braid made her very famous today for Kim Kardashian

This braid is the most chosen by the mothers for their girls as well as the horsetail hairstyle since they are easy to do but in turn has the little girl's hair neat.

If you want to get more ideas to braid, I recommend that you see these tutorials that I prepare in the most complete Internet guide of Hairstyles with Braids.

Images of French Braids Hairstyles

In these photos I invite you first before each tutorial of the hairstyles, that you can see the great style that is fashionable and marks trend within the fast and elegant hairstyles.

The two French braids are widely used for female athletes who are dedicated to being a boxer and in different sports disciplines

Double French braids that you can use for ponytails or for collected hairstyles

Hairstyles with French braids for long hair with pigtail and hair band

Some people confuse dreadlocks with the type of French braids or French braids that are hairstyles that have different combinations

This derivative of the French braid hairstyle with half mane explained step by step is very useful and original referring in part to the Dutch braids

Hairstyles with French braids with short hair to show that this style can be worn by any type of haircut

Classic hairstyle that every dancer ever did to dance for comfort but in turn for her elegance

It reminds me of Emilia Clarke's hairstyle playing Daenerys Targaryen in Games of Thrones

How to Make a French Braid

Making a French braid is easy, although many women, seeing their shape, may think that it is very difficult at first but when they know all the steps and practice them they really understand why it is one of the most used hairstyles for all women.

When talking about braid in general line is referring to the traditional classic braid that is this type of braid that is made and is the best when you want an elegant, youthful and quick hairstyle.

Before starting describing each step, what you have to do is prepare your mane, so with a brush you use, start brushing it to prepare the locks that do not have any knot so that it is straight if you have wavy hair and at the same time smooth .

With this you will have the benefit of being able to braid it more easily, so this tip I advise you to do it for any type of braid and of course having long hair to be able to make braids with greater precision.

If you have straight hair you may have an advantage but it also influences that you grab it and take it very well because it can be more complicated to handle each strand especially if it is thin hair.

Another tip is that if in your hairstyle you are only going to make a single braid then you have to brush your hair from the root of the forehead to the back of the neck.

Following the tips for the preparation is that if you choose to make more than one braid or you decide that your braid is on the side of some side you have to divide your hair into different sections depending on the amount of braids you intend to do and in turn Brush to untangle.

Always consider that making the braid with hair that is wet is very better because it will be easier to maneuver and adapt to the way you need as it can be when undoing the braid and get a wavy that is delicate but in turn natural something that It's trend for a wedding.

Let's start by watching this YouTube video:

1) You have to start by dividing sections to take tufts that are large at the top of the head (upper) approximately you have to calculate 9 centimeters what would be 4 inches in terms of width neither more nor less.

2) All the hair you take has to be from the root of your scalp what is considered the same row of hair so that whatever hairs are below or above your strand should no longer be considered.

3) If your case is like mine that you have bangs you can choose two options on the one hand leave it loose and on the other hand join it to the braid that you are going to do so if you brush your hair next to your fringe it will be all combed back , this is already a personal decision of each person. If you consider joining bangs with braid then take your hair from the top center of the head (you have to overcome your forehead)

4) It has nothing to do with the width of a braid through the section you start, I tell you this because many girls make this mistake, so that you can be clear you can start with a small lock of all the ones that you divided although it is not the most recommended for a matter of neatness but that same braid can add volume as you add and add larger strands.

5) This is the fundamental moment for your romantic hairstyle to be perfect since you have to divide your first strand that you took in three equal parts, just like you do for some traditional traditional braids you have to do the same for the French since once that you have the three sections of hair you have to learn the pattern of the braiding process.

6) As I told you in the previous point, the parts must be the same, but you will lose the effect when you braid them and you have to separate them with the fingers of your hand

7) Starting braiding is the same when making a traditional braid So the first thing is to hold two of the three strands that you had to have with one hand and the third strand you handle with the other hand.

8) You have to cross the right strand of the three strands over the center, the next step is to cross the left strand over the center of the braid you are doing

9) The previous step you have to repeat several times until you have a solid base of several strands with this you have the traditional or classic braid assembly.

10) But what you want is a French Braid so now we will continue adding processes related to the hairstyle you are looking to do

11) Now you have to continue adding new hair to the traditional braiding pattern that you are overdoing, so step by step the strands are added but keep in mind that if you are going to cross a section over the center section you have to take a part of tuft on the side of your mane and start to include it in the main strand that you will cross braiding.

12) So you have to be clear that the true French braid begins here where a smaller strand of hair is added from the sides each time you cross a main strand.

13) Consider that the less hair you add the more crosses your French braiding will have

14) Something I learned is that for the French braid to look beautiful you have to take from the sides hair that is close to your neck as well as your forehead and face.

What happened to me as a mistake I made is that I take many strands but close to the main strand, which is then covered by the wicks on the outside, which you have to avoid since they always win the sides.

As you get down from your head, especially on the back of the neck, the amount of hair to take is less, which the braid will have less hair, so you can end the process.

To finish once you have no more hair left for the braid consider finishing it as a traditional classic braid which with a ponytail or ponytail you set it so that it does not disassemble.

Within the tips consider not using hair bands because leaving so knotted hair can hurt the hair.

As you can see all this explained can be somewhat extensive but in practice it is simple the way to do it and it is a hairstyle that can go for parties without hurting the hair with invasive hairstyles.

As color data, it is also called root braid for taking all the hair from the head.

Now I am going to explain to you how to make a derivative of the French braid that we just made in the previous explanation.

In its origin it is very similar but it has some changes that cause this hairstyle to be different and unique.

To start as I explained earlier you have to prepare your hair so you have to brush the hair very well so that it is softer but also that it does not have any knot or tangle the hair.

With this hairstyle you have the advantage of being able to make the braid on the side or on the side of your head regardless of whether you have short hair or your hair is long which is advisable.

You have to use strands of the center of your hair or the side part depends on the style you like to wear so it is always good to learn practicing what is your best look.

1) Unlike the classic French Braid, what you have to do is take a section that is smaller, so separate a strand of your hair that is close to the next strand you are going to use.

2) You have to consider that in this hairstyle it matters and much the size that you make your strand since it is what will then define the volume that your braid has for that reason what I recommend from experience is that you take a large strand of your hair if you want the braid to get a lot of volume but if you want a fine braid then the strand should be smaller, what is used as standard in these hairstyles are 1-inch strands which equals approximately 2.5 centimeters thick.

3) This is the moment where you have to divide the tuft into three parts that are equal and you have to place each of the tufts at an angle that have a downward slope so that your face can be embroidered, with this you should avoid them towards the back of the neck.

4) You have to start making the braid so you have to do the traditional braid to start so that the half French braid takes that shape you need so you have to cross the right strand over the center strand and then the left strand over the one in the middle.

5) In this step you will notice the main difference between the French braid and the French half braid where in the latter one always adds hair from only one side of said strand that you are making the braid instead in the French braid should be made on both sides. Regarding which side you add hair that does not impact at all on the hairstyle but the important thing is to always do it on the same side

6) As you are making your braid you will realize that the shape that will be taking is that of a princess crown so that halo that you will have around the head is the form it has to take, but you must define if What you want is to be seen over the ears or underneath since depending on whether you like your ears is a decision of how you want to look.

As advice I can give you is that if you only make a braid it is best to wrap it around your head.

What always happens to me is that I run out of hair to add when I reach the ear on the other side.

On the other hand, if you make two braids, it is best to stop braiding them when you are reaching your neck.

That is why it is always better for the first braid to hold it with a hair band and repeat the braiding process for the second braid but on the other side of the mane.

7) To finish the ideal braid you will notice when you do not have more hair to add so you have to continue as if you were making a traditional braid until you find the tips of the strand.

In order not to disassemble the half French braid you have to use a hair jelly or a garter.

Remember that always a good hairstyle must be accompanied by a correct makeup application according to the skin color.

How to make an inverted French Braid

It is also called dutch french braid and I will explain how to do this hairstyle detailing each step and that you can see later in the video.

You will need a comb to make the braid divisions, a hair rubber or a butterfly to hold it, spray or gel to fix some rebel hairs you have.

1) The first step to make the inverted French braid is to put some gel on the entire mane and combs back with the fingers

2) In the hair of the forehead you take as if it were a picture right on each side of the entrances of the forehead and you take a little hair to make a lock

3) Now make a braid with three pieces of strands of each section that you separated, each section is passed down and shortly after starting the braiding you make a knot

4) Consider that the French braid is a simple braid but that hair is added to one side first and then to the other side and finally from the middle

5) You keep braiding until you have hair and end up holding with a rubber band.

In this YouTube video you will be able to learn how to make the inverted French braid:

I hope you serve all these recommendations and tips for hairstyles so that your next braid is wonderful and great.

Before finishing, if you are interested in learning to do another type of braid I recommend this tutorial to learn

How to make Braids in Waterfall

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