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How to have more curly hair

Cómo tener el pelo más rizado

How to have more curly hair

Surely you are tired of having the hair with the same shape. Although they change your appearance at the hairdresser, hair always runs in the same direction and you end up with the same look. Even if you do not think you can get more curly hair or get a permanent hair, it does exist.

Most men who want to create more curly hair are the ones who they have straight or scruffy looking hair. With styling tools and some suitable products you can get that expected curl or wave. It is just having the hair not so short to be able to apply your purpose.

How to have more curly hair?

You can use any of the techniques that we propose below. You can use the practical way to use the dryer together with some products, use some utensils or simple little techniques that have been used a lifetime, even in women. Or go to the hairdresser and make you a permanent. Choose your best system to feel good.

How to have more curly hair

Curl your hair with the blow dryer

It's easy to get at least wavy, frizz-free hair with these easy steps, to your advantage it is advisable to have at least 10 cm long hair to see results:

  • Wash your hair as usual. If you want you can use a special shampoo for good hydration and that is special for curly hair.
  • Blow dry your hair to reduce excess water, but try not to excessively remove moisture. Keeping it quite wet is essential, but without draining. Apply a thermal protector to protect the hair from the heat of the dryer.
  • Spray the hair with a liquid based on sea salt. This product is wonderful, as it gives spectacular results to give a wavy look to hair. On the other hand, if you don't have the product based on sea salt, you can apply a special curl foam that works just as effectively. We will apply the product from the root to the ends making tufts with the fingers.
  • Start drying your hair with the dryer. If you have a diffuser to attach to the dryer it will be much easier to add volume and distribute the heat evenly. If this is not the case and you have a fine nozzle, remove it so that the dryer spreads the air more widely.
  • With your hands, help the hair curl. You can cup the hair with the palms of your hand so that it takes the shape or with the fingers you make shapes with the locks.
  • To finish you can help keep the look curled with jelly or some kind of flexible cream to keep the curl fixed. There are products that give a shiny result with a wet look or with a matte result, to make it look much more natural.

How to have more curly hair

Curl the hair without the help of the dryer

If your hair is much straighter and more difficult to shape, perhaps you should resort to other techniques that have been used for life. Curlers or curling irons (like tweezers) are the best tools to get your style.

You must perform the same steps as in the previous method. You will have to wash with the same products, but this time you can dry your hair with more effort. Apply the spray based on sea salt and separate the hair tufts to dry.

You can use the curlers, You will roll each strand with its corresponding roller and you will do so with all the hair on the head. To dry hair you can let it air dry or use the hair dryer, although this last option can dry out the hair much more.

When you have dry hair, unroll the curlers and apply some fixing cream so that the curls are kept longer. You can use jelly beans or waxes.

If your option is use the curling irons or a curling iron, you must do it when the hair is completely dry, never do it with wet hair because you will damage it. Take strand by strand and curl it. To finish, use the same fixing creams that have been previously reviewed.

Curl hair with perm

If your idea is to make it permanent, you should go to a hairdresser for advice on the type of curly you need and put this wonderful technique into practice.

How to have more curly hair

The permanent It is the best option to have a firm, safe finish and forgetting to curl your hair every time you have washed it., discover its advantages:

  • You will forget to constantly comb your hair to fix your hairstyle. With this molding you will only have to give yourself a few small touches with your fingers, with water or a product that fixes it.
  • It saves you from weather mishaps and you always look great. If you do sports, go to the pool or it has rained and you got wet, just by letting it air dry your hair will not frizz and you will always have the same look.
  • It is ideal to keep the same image and look the same curly. You will not get up in the morning and you will have to see your hair a mess. But if you like to have wavy hair on a regular basis, you should use the above techniques. You can read this article that will help you get the type of curly hair you want to get.