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How to Grow Super Fast Hair for Women and Men

How to Grow Super Fast Hair for Women and Men

If you suffer from hair loss problems do not worry because exactly the same happens to me.

Luckily my mother knew several homemade recipes that helped me naturally to be able to recover volume and thickness of my hair although it is not a simple task you can have the hair we had again.

All depending on the problem that we have that only that can be defined by a medical specialist who always best is that a dermatologist follow up.

But with these recipes you can recover your hair if you suffer from stress or many nerves due to different life situations that affected you.

For example, I was very affected by losing my job at one time and at another losing a very close relative which affected my nerves and from there in my diet.

That went straight to my head losing strands of hair and I didn't know why it happened to me.

Then another very important factor is due to different mistreatments that we do to dyeing hair such as when we dye red, which is one of the strongest dyes that affects the hair of our head.

Also the sea water is very bad or the chlorine that has the water in the pools, so there is always a factor that can mistreat and damage our hairstyle.

The sun's rays are another factor that many times we do not take into account but which are currently very harmful and that can also be avoided using different hair masks that naturally protect the strength and nutrition of the hair.

The good thing about these recipes that I recommended to my husband as to my friends from the Club and began to implement them and worked for which it serves for men as for women as long as you accompany this growth with a healthy life.

I mean a healthy life to eat light and without so many condiments or dressings that can do us wrong, suppressing red meat and mainly eating many vegetables and fruits that are what our body needs.

Suppressing bad habits such as smoking or sedentary life since exercise is important for blood supply.

As my dermatologist says the hair massage serves to irrigate blood and power to our scalp as if we were going to the gym for our body but the constancy must be important but it is of no use.

Another factor that can happen to you as it happened to me lately is that you cut your hair at the hairdresser because you wanted a trendy haircut but after a few months you got bored and now you need it to grow much faster to make your hairstyle simple and Easy that you like so much.

So now I am going to give you the solution with which your hair will grow quickly and you will be surprised at the speed that your hair grows if you implement all these tricks and secrets that I have for you.

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<h2>How do you have to do to grow your hair</h2>
<p>The first thing is to mentalize that your lifestyle has to change, both your habits of healthy eating should be imposed on the practices that you have been doing.</p>
<p>There has to be a break between good nutrition and the different types of actions you must take to be in better health.</p>
<p>The only way for your hair to grow is to eat healthy food for our body, among them we have a balanced diet of <strong>fruits</strong> and <strong>vegetables</strong>, <strong>fish</strong> to balance our diet and include everything <strong>lean meats</strong>.</p>
<p>The <strong>local massages</strong> They are another action that favors hair growth.</p>
<p>In both men and women their great regret is that they do not grow their hair as they wish and often it takes a long time to grow long enough so that they can have the ideal hairstyle.</p>
<p>You have to calculate that the hair grows between a centimeter and a half per month but for the different reasons I named you before this does not happen many times.</p>
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Nuts and Natural Oils

From these ingredients of nature we can obtain both vitamin B and vitamin E that are very good for humans both for the body and for the growth you need.

These vitamins can be obtained naturally from all types of oils that are of natural origin such as sunflower, corn and olive oil, varying their value depending on the pressed as the quality and brand, will be more pure or less pure.

You also get it from the vegetables that I recommend adding them to your daily diet and nuts.

In my case every day in the morning like three nuts and two almonds to give that natural vitamin that the body needs by giving a lot of energy in the morning although I am aware that they are expensive products we can derive part of the budget in this type of healthy food.

In addition, avocado is an excellent source of Vitamin E and B.

Curative Use of Nettle

I can't help recommending you to use nettle that you probably heard her name or used her for some home remedy.

Very well then for the hair you will know that it is very good to implement in the fall that you may be suffering.

The effectiveness of nettle is testable with different pharmaceutical products that you will see in lotions and creams that are made from this product of nature.

To use I recommend putting in the amount of shampoo that you put in the hair half and mix by rubbing on the scalp every time you bathe and wash your head you will notice a much faster growth in a few months.

Potato water for hair growth

In my country we call it potato but in other countries they are called potato which is exactly the same and once you boil to make some baked potatoes or french fries, the water that you have left over is the one that you will use in a warm way to wash yourself head.

This treatment helps but it is not as effective as nettle for example but it serves to leave hair stronger which do not stop trying for a while.

Although do not forget to use your usual shampoo to leave a good scent on your head more scented.

Onion for fast hair growth

The smell is not pleasant but the strength that gives our hair is incomparable which begins to prepare onion salad because you use it very often.

You take your usual shampoo you use and open it from the container.

Chop a medium onion and add it inside.

Let stand for 15 or 20 days so that all your liquid mixed in the shampoo sits well.

Use normally and you will notice a greater brightness helping its faster growth.

Bananas for Potassium

I eat a banana or banana per day to cover my potassium quota, so that it does not cause my leg cramps but also has a benefit for hair treatment but externally.

You have to step on a banana on a plate, then mix it with honey so that you have a thick homogeneous cream.

You apply from the root to the ends of each strand of hair.

Benefits of grape seed oil for hair

This is very simple getting the oil of the grape seed, the only thing you have to do with a small amount is to rub the scalp, leave on for 10 or 20 minutes regardless of the time you let it act and then wash with plenty of water.

This is a complement to any treatment you do to recover the hair or to make your hair grow stronger, more vigorous and powerful.

Breakfast with Proteins

As I told you before, you will have to change your lifestyle, your eating routine in order to effectively grow your hair.

And this includes having breakfast with the best amount of nutrients that have proteins which I advise you to take

All these ingredients you mix with a Yogurth of the taste you want and you will see how after a few weeks it will not only make you a great benefit for your hair but also your body will feel much more relaxed and you will have more desire to do things .

Milk with Olive Oil

Since we are learning that eating and drinking on an empty stomach I advise you that if you drink milk and you like it, you add a spoon of olive oil, it is very advisable for a healthy diet.

Failing milk that is warm to eliminate the cold from the refrigerator.

Tips to grow hair in a week

Make fast hair grow urgently !!!

Please, if you think this is magic, stop reading this article.

Remember that all these home remedies I recommend them because I tried them and they work to a greater or lesser extent which there is no treatment that advises you that you have not tried.

Since I went through the same of losing hair or that I never grew after a long treatment of natural products and I could combine these recipes and be able to solve it.

There is a logical question if you are peeled it is obvious that you will not grow your hair but if you are going to do very well for your health the feeding tips.

When I say 1 week it's true everything depends on the dedication and as the months go by you will really see that growth with more determination.

The change of habit in your life is the key to recover.

Be delicate with your hair

By this I mean do not use aggressive dyes such as red or any other that makes a radical change.

If you notice that the hair is dry, act with a mask to nourish.

Do not iron or use a dryer that can further damage the strength of your head.

Do not use hair bands that can tighten and break it when tying.

Proper way to comb your hair

Surely you will be surprised with this simple tip but there are many women who still do not know how to comb their hair and this may not be your case since I will explain the right way.

You should always turn your hair to comb your hair, it always starts from the roots to the ends, without pulling in a delicate way taking care of the hair.

Always choose wide bristle combs or brushes so as not to hurt and do not get caught.

The benefit of this type of hairstyle is that we will motivate the daily blood supply by increasing hair growth.

This was recommended to me by a tricolor who are the doctors who study human hair.

Do not use very hot and less boiling water

I know that bathing in the shower is the most pleasant for our body and when we have many back contractures for a few minutes that gives us hot water with steam it is very pleasant.

But putting the head under that hot shower can be the worst for our hair since the power of water drags and plucks hair and the heat loosen the hair follicles.

On the other hand, if I recommend using warm and warm water.

Hair secret: if after washing your head you apply very cold water, you benefit the hair follicles from closing and also give the hair more shine.

Cutting the ends of the hair makes it grow

This is how grass is the relationship that has more maintenance more strength will have.

There is also a myth that not why I do not stop recommending it is to cut your ends when the moon is growing quarter.

This will give you greater growth force quickly until the next lunar period.

Eat Vitamins E and Vitamins B

Legumes, fish, nuts, bananas, avocado, apples and many others that are good for your health.

I hope you liked the most complete guide that you will be able to find all over the Internet and I invite you to share it on Facebook with your friends that the recommendations to always be more beautiful are very grateful.