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How to curl short hair

Cómo rizar el pelo corto

How to curl short hair

The short hair It can give the feeling of being more difficult when curling compared to longer mane. However, it is quite the opposite: short hair is very easy to curl, you just have to know how to do it. If you are tired of wearing the same hairstyle every day and want to bet on a different look, keep reading this article of a COMO in which we teach you how to curl short hair step by step using tongs. Bet on the curls to give your short hair, in addition to volume, a natural style and full of life.

Steps to follow:


Before starting to curl the short hair with the tongs we must prepare the hair to be damaged as little as possible. The first thing you should do is have your hair washed and dried. Now, in case your hair is wavy, you should straighten it a little with some irons.

Once you have it smooth, you must apply the styling foam since it will help you when curling your hair. You should also apply some heat protection to your short hair before you start curling your hair with the tongs, since the heat can dry out and damage the hair.

How to curl short hair - Step 1


For curl short hair you will have to take a comb and start separating your hair into two sections: one upper and one lower. In the event that your hair is very thick, the most appropriate would be separate hair in three sections for a better result. In addition you also have to hold your bangs, in case you have, with hairpins on top to not include it in the curls.

Once you have separated the short hair take some tweezers and hold the upper section of the hair (in the case of thick hairs, grab the upper and central section with tweezers) and let the lower section loose as it is the first one that we are going to start To curl our short hair.


To start curling your hair, we must start with the strands of the front. Take a strand and start rolling it in the tongs.

  • Roll the strands away from the face and also keep the tongs away.
  • The size of the curl will depend on the amount you take in each strand.
  • Although you can curl it however you want, we recommend that you take the locks measuring between 2 and 5 centimeters so that the result is a medium curl.

In this video of a COMO we show you how to curl your hair with tongs because you need to see it in more detail.


When we are curling the short hair with the tongs we have to leave each strand between 5 and 10 seconds rolled in the tongss, depending on whether you want curls more or less marked. If you want the result to be looser and more natural curls, you must hold the tongs with each tuft rolled for 5 seconds. However, if you want very sharp curls or ringlets you must keep each strand rolled in the tongs for 10 seconds.

Once time has passed, you must release the strand of your short hair and apply fixing lacquer For the curl to last longer. This step must be done with each of the tufts. In the event that the curl is very marked or more than you wanted, wait a few minutes to release and apply the lacquer.

How to curl short hair - Step 4


To curl your hair short and be a natural result you must leave the tips of each strand without curling Since if you do, it may seem that your hair may appear to be much shorter.

To avoid curling the ends of the hair, you can take the tweezers and hold it before reaching the tip of the strand (about half an inch). In the case that you use the tongs without the help of the tweezers, start winding the strand from above and by the time you reach half an inch from the tip.


When you finish with the lower section, start Curl the strands of the upper section. To do this, you must loosen the strands of the hair little by little, do not let go of all the hair at the same time and start curling the short hair again. In the case that it is the central section you must proceed in the same way, releasing the tufts little by little.

To get a more natural look, take strands of different sizes and curl some out of the face and others inwards. When you have finished curling all your hair, apply hairspray and you will have your curls.

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  • If you have fine tongs (1 inch), use them for a more optimal result.
  • When you wash your hair, apply conditioner to get softer and silky curls.
  • To give a greater volume to your short curly hair, you can root your hair with the help of a comb.