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How to comb short hair step by step: technique and ideas

Peinar el pelo corto

Comb short hair

Discover how to comb short hair step by step. From the best strategy to prepare your hair (dry and apply the product) to the different ways you can give it at the end, through the amount of product that should be used and how to maintain it so that it does not lose its shape.

The main reason for betting on short hair is its enormous comfort. It is an ideal option for those who want to be ready in the morning in just a few minutes. And, naturally, it is easier to wash and comb short hair than long hair.

The three phases of hairstyle

Chris Hemsworth in '12 Brave '

Three steps are enough to be ready to leave in the morning. The first is to wash and dry. The product is then applied, and finally it is given the desired shape. In the third step you have to take care of small details, which is why you need the most patience.

Wash your hair and dry it with the towel immediately after getting out of the shower, as you usually do. Consider using the dryer to finish removing all moisture, especially if you want to get more volume. Remember that the combination of dryer and product will help you defy gravity with your hairstyle.


Put the product chosen for your hair (wax, paste, ointment, gel …) in the palm of your hand. Rubbing your hands, spread the product by the palms and fingers. Spread the product from the root to the tips. Run your hands all over your hair, working from the bottom up. Don't try to shape it yet; For now, worry only that the product is founded correctly in your hair.

By last, using your fingers or a comb (in casual hairstyles there is usually more of the former and in formal ones more than the latter) stylize your hair as you like. You can comb it to the side if you want a definite and conservative result. If you prefer something more casual, mess up your strands a little using your hands. A final touch with dryer will give you a softer finish.

Maintenance is key

Barber scissors

Wearing short hair needs maintenance. If the top and especially the sides grow too much, the haircut loses its shape and it becomes something completely different.

Visit your barber every 1-3 weeks (depending on your haircut) so that your hairstyle is always in its spot.

Ideas to comb it

Backwards with toupee

Johua Jackson with short hair back

There are many kinds of toupee. There are high, unstructured and then there are moderates, like this one. If you don't know how to comb short hair, Tupé back hair is an option worth considering.


Daniel Craig with short hair to the side

The side stripe forms a great pair with the suits, which is why it is an excellent idea to go to the office, as well as to attend elegant events. With a small amount of wax and your hands should be enough to throw your hair to the side. Nevertheless, if you want a flatter and more formal side stripe (‘Mad Men’ style) you will need a comb and a heavier product, like the jelly.


Daniel Day-Lewis with short hair

Textured haircuts are especially suitable for men with straight hair. It is also a good idea if you have tickets or fine hair. For the hairstyle to work it is important that the front part has enough body. The dryer and a shaping product will help you get it.

Casual mess

Rupert Friend with short spiky hair

If you have short hair you do not need your hairstyle to be clearly defined to shine, and this is the test. There are scrambled and pointed tufts here and there, but the end result works great. It is about seeking naturalness through the effective technique of the disorder studied.

How much product should be used?

Wet hair

It is highly advisable to use little product when you have fine hair. The reason is that they add too much weight, something that does not interest men with this type of hair. In contrast, dense hair can handle larger amounts of product. In any case, if you are looking for a more natural or bulky result make sure you use the least amount possible.

The secret is to find out what is the right amount of product that helps you shape your hairstyle without going over the line.. There is an amount from which the hair is already too greasy or sticky. Trial and error will reveal how much it is in your case. If you go over, something that is not uncommon (especially when using a new product), and the product leaves your hair too tense or heavy, keep calm. Run the dryer again instead of washing it again. Hot air will help you melt the product and restore flexibility in your hair.