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How to clean makeup sponges? Here we give you the best tips!

How to clean makeup sponges? Here we give you the best tips!

They also sell silicone templates to "carve" your makeup sponges. You can use them, but remember to do it gently so that they do not break. A few taps and pass it a few times and voila. Let it air dry.


If you don't even remember what color you are makeup sponge, it is best to do this method: in a container mix warm water with a little soap and mix perfectly (it should not foam, it is not necessary). Leave your makeup sponge there, squeeze it to absorb more water and let it rest for a few minutes. The good thing about this process is that if there is "dry" makeup inside the spongeThis will weaken you and you will get out of there. Take out your sponge, squeeze it and let it run in the water for a few seconds to remove all the soap. And ready! You can also use the silicone sheet to ensure that it no longer has any residue or soap. Let it air dry.


This method became very popular on the Internet, but be careful, because if you spend time or make a mistake at some point, you can end up with a makeup sponge scorched. In a container (that you can put in the microwave, look at this! It could be a cup, for example) put a lot of water and a little soap, and mix. Put your sponge makeup, but try to make it COMPLETELY submerged, otherwise it will burn. Heat up for a minute, take your makeup sponge out of the microwave and let it cool for a minute. Wash it under running water, and voila! Let it air dry.

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