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How to choose the hair color that suits you

Why do we sometimes dye our hair and the effect is sad, worn or lifeless? Maybe we have not chosen the right color because we have not taken into account the color of our skin and also its tone. It gets us out of doubt Juan Arroyo, from Mode Stylists, which in your living room offers the service Couture Color, from Wella, with which to achieve this goal. He and Wella They help us choose the hair color that suits us best.

The first thing we have to keep in mind when choosing hair color – explains Juan Arroyo – is that the skin tone is different from the color of it. It may happen that we have the same skin color as another person but a different tone. Skin color refers to whether it is light, medium or darkwhile el tone is the color we find below the surface. This will give as a result a warm or cold tone.

Choose the Wrong hair color can lead us to look like worn out or worn out skin. Conversely, choosing the right color enhances skin tone and gives a feeling of health.

Juan Arroyo's tricks to find out the skin tone:

  • Grab a cloth in a cold pink shade and another in a warm peach shade and remove hair from the face. Then place the fabric around the neck (one by one), and the one that accentuates the skin more naturally, will help you find out the tone of it.
  • Another trick is to look at the tone of the jewelry you usually wear to see which one gives us more light.
  • Finally, we can also look at the color of the veins, if they are more bluish, cold tones will be better and if, on the contrary, they are more greenish, warm tones will favor you more.

Here is a picture that is sure to help you choose the color that suits you best:

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