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How to care for reactive or intolerant skin

One in three women feels worried about the fragility of their skin, but only one in six uses a specific facial care to take care of and reinforce it with products specially formulated for reactive or intolerant skin. Are you within the percentage that looks after your skin properly or uses “other things”? In this post we discover how to treat it …

Traditionally, extremely dry skins that showed scaling and redness were considered sensitive and were altered by external factors such as cold, wind or pollution. However, today oily or normal skins that redden before these environmental factors or whose reactivity can come from vascular fragility (fragility of the wall of cutaneous blood vessels), from contact reactivity (by the use of cosmetics that the skin does not tolerate, or by contact with water with a lot of lime or the rubbing of a woolen garment, for example), or of a reactivity of atopic origin. These skins they are so sensitive that they can cause unexpected reactions, can redden before certain external stimuli such as cold or pollution, or internal such as stress. They even redden at specific times like having a glass of wine, a hot shower or an appointment, reaching outbreaks that can go from the initial redness to the rash, pruritus, tightness and stinging. That is why they are called reagents.

Eye contourEye contour

The barrier function of our skin is very important. According to recent studies awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine and conducted by scientist Jules Hoffman, the skin has a role of sentinel of the innate immunity which allows us to understand the reason for cutaneous defense mechanisms. Being endowed with a great ability to recognize potentially aggressive agents, may react excessively, reactively: that's when he needs to defend himself and Calm down in the most natural way.

The Rhealba® Oatmeal, soothing care for reactive skin

One of the fundamental active principles for the care of reactive skin is the seedling of Rhealba® Oatmeal why It offers a great anti-inflammatory defense and provides the skin with the natural self-defense that it lacks. That's why A-Derma Dematological Laboratories they have used it in the formulation of their new Rheacalm range, which have also included Vitamin E, antioxidant action.

Rheacalm Immediately and lastingly soothes reactive skin. Used every day, it helps the skin defend itself against aggressions and decreases the functional signs of skin reactivity.

A-DERMA_RHEACALM Light Soothing CreamLight Soothing Cream
A-DERMA_RHEACALM Enriching Soothing CreamEnriching Soothing Cream

Range Rheacalm It consists of three products, an eye contour and a cream in two textures: one light and one enriched.

  • Rheacalm eye contour. Csoul and specifically decongests the fragile area around the eyes and the bags are dimmed. The sliding touch of its formula allows a smooth application.
  • Rheacalm Light Soothing Cream, fresh texture for normal or mixed reactive skin
  • Rheacalm Enriching Soothing Cream, creamy texture for dry reactive skin.


64 women of 48 years with reactive skin have tried the cream Rheacalm more appropriate to your needs (light or enriched). The results are the following:

  • 94% have found that Your skin is less reactive after 21 days of use
  • 92% feel calmer
  • 99% softer
  • 92% more comfortable


Acting before the reactive crisis, the Rheacalm soothing care range helps the reactive skin to defend itself naturally thanks to its exclusive association of Seedling Extract Rhealba® Oatmeal and vitamin E that manages to reduce skin reactivity durably.