How To Braid Cornrows

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How To Braid Cornrows – One of the most popular braiding styles for African American hair is the Cornrows. However, if you wish that cornrows braids would last longer for at least a week, you need to follow the following steps, though it needs more time and patience when braiding the hair to make certain they are braided tightly and go along with an even pattern on your head.

Materials needed:

    Tiny elastic bands (covered or constructed particularly for tress purpose)
    Fine-tooth cockscomb
    Gel, hair wax or leave-in conditioner
    Spray bottle

1. Make your hair damp wet but not soaking through wet. While wetting your hair, you can apply leave-in conditioner to make it simpler to braid plus it helps shielding your hair for further breakage.

2. Separate hair into parts or sections. It is simpler to lay out the design of your cornrows before you begin weaving. Whenever you separate your mane into portions, be certain that you like the visual structure before you start weaving. There will be no further than 1 inch or 1.5 inch wider while doing the sections. The tinier the cornrows, the best they will keep in place.

3. Begin at the topmost part of the head and separate the first part of locks. Grab the part you separated into sections in step 2 that is nearest to the topmost part of your head. Using a comb to section the hair in a line so that you can see your scalp. You must have an inch parted from your temple to the rear of your head.

4. Use elastic bands to secure hair that is not in use in order that it doesn’t get in a way while you are braiding the hair.

5. Start braiding at the hairline taking tiny piece of the section where you wish the cornrow to begin.

6. Separate into 3 sections to braid, the 3 sectioned hair strands need to be identical in size. Using these strands, begin braiding from the left while pulling the left over the center strand. Afterwards, tug the right strand over the middle. Make sure that you are braiding the hair tightly and closer to the scalp while repeating the process with the new left and new right twice.

7. Get a tiny section of the hair underneath the braid but not yet the part of the braid, while adding that part of strands to the center strand of braid to create 3 parts of sectioned strands.

8. The same procedure for the new hair as stated in step 6.

9. Keep braiding until the tips of the hair, subsequently every braid pace, attach more hair to the middle strand of hair. Bear in mind to set the hair tightly while adding a bit of hair to the middle strand every time you twist.

10. Upon reaching into the tip of the hair, tie it securely with an elastic band so that the hair won’t hang loosely.

11. Following the initial braiding, repeat this process to the next portion of the hair. Randomly, you can apply spray container to damp your hair that needs to be braided.

12. Relish with your brand new look as Cornrows normally could last for almost a week if you braided it tightly. Be confident and have more patience, practice will make it perfect.

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