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How to apply the conditioner to my hair

How to apply the conditioner to my hair

The conditioner, as we have explained previously in other articles, is a hair product that is responsible for keeping it soft, shiny, prevents dryness and minimizes static electricity. On the other hand it is also responsible for untangling your hair and facilitating your hairstyle so for all these benefits, use the conditioner to improve the appearance of your hair!

Which conditioner is best for my hair?

In the market you can find a lot of conditioners but do you know which conditioner suits your hair? Do you know how to choose the best conditioner for your hair? Too easy! You just have to choose a conditioner of a professional brand (and never bought on large surfaces) that is designed for your hair type.

The classification of conditioners depends a lot on each brand but in general we can find these types of conditioners according to the type of hair:

  • Conditioners for fine hair
  • Conditioners for thick hair
  • Conditioners for dyed hair
  • Conditioners for curly hair
  • Conditioners for dry hair
  • Conditioners for oily hair

And in the case of wigs, you will also find conditioners for natural hair wigs and conditioners for synthetic hair wigs.

How to apply the conditioner

In the article we wrote explaining how the conditioner works We explain that this hair product acts on its outer layer, helps replenish the sebum removed by the shampoo and protects it from external damage by giving it a silky appearance. Its application is very easy, you just have to consider these issues:

  • It is applied after washing the hair and rinse it thoroughly. (Remember that to wash it you must use a shampoo suitable for your hair type).
  • It is always applied from means to ends (and never at the root of our hair).
  • You can put it on every time you wash your hair and let it act for at least 2 minutes.

How to apply the conditioner to my hair

And now, after explaining how you have to apply the conditioner on your hair, we also want to re-emphasize the importance of proper hair washing as it is essential to improve your health and appearance. Do you wash your hair correctly? Check it out in this article!

Results after one month using the hair conditioner

After using for a month the conditioner in each wash of your hair you should notice that your hair is much brighter and with a healthier and silky appearance. You should also notice that it untangles easily and that the hateful frizz has disappeared!

But we would also like to tell you that if you do not notice much difference it will surely be because there is a major problem that must be solved with a specific treatment that includes other products such as mask and serum. Do you know how they differ and how each product acts in your hair? We explain it to you in the article "Mask, serum and conditioner, what is the difference?".

Can I apply conditioner to my wig?

The hair with which the wigs are made and hair prostheses It does not feed on the nutrients of the scalp, therefore it needs an extra supply of nutrition and hydration. In the case of natural hair wigs we usually recommend masks for very dry hair such as Wella System Professional LuxeOil mask but there are also very good conditioners for natural hair wigs like the Jon Renau Easihair Argan Luxury conditioner.

And as we have explained on other occasions, to do the maintenance of synthetic wigs the use of specific products for this type of hair So if you have a fiber wig apply a conditioner specially designed for synthetic hair! There are in format cream and in spray like Jon Renau's Easihair conditioner.

You already know that in Beltrán Centers we are experts in solving all kinds of hair problems so if you need help with your hair, do not hesitate to ask us for it!