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HORSE TAIL Shampoo Is it good? See the opinions 【2020】 Hairdressing Blog

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Long, hydrated and shiny hair is the envy of many people. But achieving healthy hair is not an easy task, thanks to the chemicals we use. In the market you can buy different kinds of shampoo to treat your hair, but the compounds based on horsetail will provide a healthier treatment.

Healthier hair

The ponytail shampoo stimulates natural hair growth. Ideal for people with long hair, especially women, because thanks to its high content of calcium and silicon, it provides shine. Although not all people enjoy the same type of hair, they can use it. For oily or dry hair, there are specific mechanisms and recommendations to avoid the damages that the shampoo could cause. It is recommended that you choose the most accessible product, but protecting the health of your hair.

But just by using ponytail shampoo You will not combat the external damage you are exposed to. Keeping your hair washed, dried, and brushed frequently will help fight bacteria and viruses that affect it. If you are a woman and your hair is oily, the ponytail shampoo will cleanse and stimulate their growth. In addition, you can mix it with natural oils such as coconut, to get a pleasant fragrance on your hair.

Recommendations for all hair types

Know the basic recommendations when placing the product on oily hair. Do not abuse the assigned amount because it could damage, in addition to hair, scalp and hair health. Apply an average amount, taking into account the amount of hair you have, and study the results you will get in the coming days.

Now, if your hair is dry, there are other series of factors that you should take into account. The ponytail shampoo It could help to dry it out even more. You can mix it or join it with another kind of moisturizing shampoo to avoid some kind of dryness. Apply it in a long time. Do not use in large quantities and wait patiently for the results.

The horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) is one of the most common wild plants to treat hair. You can buy it in various countries of the world, but it has a greater presence in places with low temperatures. The places where you can get this material are rivers, farms, lakes or swamps.

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What are the most popular products, how do they work and how much do they cost?

There are various types of shampoo on the market prepared with horsetail. The commercial products vary in prices and ingredients depending on the region. It is used by millions of women or men to treat various problems that affect hair health. Hydrating it, nourishing it and applying greater resistance to external damage are some of the advantages it provides.

Mane´n Tail, the most coveted

One of the brands of hair care and protection products is Mane'n Tail. The ponytail shampoo provides a special concentrated treatment to protect it. It is recommended to apply it once the hair is wet. The amount you want to use varies depending on the type and amount of hair of the person. Apply it from the scalp and spread it throughout the rest.

The ponytail shampoo Mane'n Tail is one of the most expensive for hair treatment. You can Buy it in the market for a price of $ 120. It is effective to use on any kind of hair. In addition, thanks to its moisturizing power, it does not eliminate or affect the natural oils of the hair.

Biovital Shampoo, especially for large manes

When you want to have hydrated hair with a pleasant aroma, Biovital shampoo with horsetail extract is one of the most recommended for its benefits for our hair. Its use is special for women with long hair, because its moisturizing power provides elasticity and shine. You can acquire it in any natural products store for hair use. The price varies, but it is still one of the most accessible. Biovital shampoo is between $ 30 and $ 45.

Marbelys Shampoo, for all hair types

Due to its content in horsetail, sodium and sage extract, it is among the most demanded. The Marbelys Ponytail Shampoo Provides shine, aroma and resistance to oily or dry hair. You can use it three to five times a week, depending on the health of your hair. It will bring growth and renewal in record time. It is one of the most frequent horsetail shampoos and acquired by people. The price ranges from 45 to 55 dollars.

But if you are one of those who like to make the products by yourself, there is a good recommendation.

  1. Mix the shampoo you use frequently with an infusion of horsetail.
  2. Then, choose a cup, add water and bring to a boil.
  3. Once boiled, add three tablespoons of horsetail herb and mix.
  4. You should let the water cool for a long time until it reaches room temperature and apply it.

Other well-known brands of horsetail shampoo are Nefertiti, Shelo, Naturista, Risan, Oblue, Caballada, Arabela, Abadía, Andrea, Santa Ana, Shelo Nabel, Buena Vida, Bella Corcel, Sally Beauty, Chills, Indio Papago, Viña del Sea, Walmart and Quartz

What people say? Product reviews and reviews

Martha Pérez is a 35-year-old woman who suffers from hair loss. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ensures that low temperatures affect the condition of the hair. He started using the ponytail shampoo two years ago. Currently, he ensures that, thanks to the use of the product, his hair has greater stability, overcoming the hair loss he suffered for years.

Carmen Espinoza, 55, after the use of shampoo based on horsetail, states that the hair condition is now more resistant. Espinoza was born in Santiago, the capital of Chile, but he always suffered from dryness. He recommends using it with another shampoo of your moisturizing preference and vary the amount on different days a week.

Remember that the state of the weather and the food you eat also influence hair. Study and choose the most recommended product when treating dryness, fall, or any other problem that you present. Use it in the recommended doses and follow the instructions.