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home treatment to care for blonde hair at home

home treatment to care for blonde hair at home

The blond hair, Whether natural or due to discoloration, it deserves special care so that its color remains golden, radiant and healthy-looking. For this reason, in addition to hydrating it with natural oils, it is important to apply nourishing and tone-correcting masks like the one we just discovered at home.

It is a mix of blackberries, honey and chamomile that reinforces the hair, while illuminating the reflections and neutralizing the greenish color of the wash. If you want to learn how to do it and know all its qualities, do not stop reading until the end!


To prepare it, you will need a cup of blueberries and ½ cup of fresh red berries, since its high levels of antioxidants stimulate hair regeneration. Its color is also perfect to improve hair pigmentation and neutralize the remaining “chicken” or greenish yellow tone. when the blonde wears off.

You will also use ⅓ cup of concentrated chamomile tea and 2 tablespoons of honey which are top ingredients for lighten blonde hair naturally.

How to prepare the mask? Dissolve the honey in the chamomile tea and add all the ingredients to the blender. When you get a purple paste, apply to all the clean mane, carefully covering each strand.