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His strange resemblance to Princess Jasmine is amazing

Esta misteriosa princesa se parece tanto a Jasmín, que incluso tiene su Aladdin en la vida real

We know that the charm of Disney princesses is endless. No matter how much time passes, new generations know and love all their stories. What is not so common is that a person resembles his favorite character as much as Olayinka Mia Noel, an international model who could be the flesh and blood version of Princess Jasmine.

Jasmin, one of the protagonists of Aladdin, She is the princess of the fictional city of Agrabah. The character of the Sultan's daughter has an inexhaustible supply of willpower and is very intelligent. Sometimes he can be extremely arrogant, although deep down he has a good heart.

The resemblance is amazing

Girl disguised as Jasmin next to the original princess.

Although it is not just the outfit, which by the way goes like a finger ring

Photos of the costume of the girl.

Even she and her royal Aladdin recreated a musical number

Princess Jasmine and her Aladdin.

Even without disguise, its resemblance is incredible

Photos of the girl on a common day.

Who needs Halloween to be a princess every day?

Photos of the girl with accessories on her head.