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The blonde that brunettes should wear the first time they lighten their hair is this caramel color like the one Rosalía wears

'Miracles do not exist', and 'everything (process) takes time' are two phrases that are much repeated by those who know the most and champion patience as their best strategy. Because in the same way that in just one week of training nobody gets in shape, no brunette can claim to be blonde (unless it's a Kardashian) with a single step keeping the hair healthy and intact. It can not.

The first of the week in clear your hair being brown and now blonde she was Kaia Gerber, Although as her bob haircut gives her away, the model transitioned from her natural color to a much lighter one by going through highlights that gave her light but did not spoil her hair. The second is Rosalia, thanshe has changed her dark and infinite XL hair for a much shorter one, with long bangs and a caramel color Gorgeous halfway between the almost dark chocolate brown and gold of Cindy Crawford's daughter.

He The singer's change of look was not sudden, but quite the opposite, slow and patient. Applying an oxygenated blonde at the first change would have been too aggressive for Rosalía's hair, and some would say for her image, so opting for the middle path has been the smart thing to do not spoil her lush, always shiny and super characteristic mane. Thus, if first it was the haircut in full confinement, with straight bangs at the level of the eyebrows, then came the lightening, going from a dark tone to a light brown until reaching this hue that brushes the golden sparkles without reaching be a total blonde.

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