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Having your own constellation in your ear is the trend

Piercings de constelaciones en la oreja es la tendencia

Trends change all the time, not only in clothing or footwear, accessories, tattoos … Everything is transformed, including piercings, a practice of drilling of yesteryear and that, although in the western culture the traditional thing was to have a hole in the ears -which is done since you are small and that you regularly preserve for a lifetime-, what is today is to carry a constellation in Your ears.

This preference is captivating many women in the world, as it is a minimalist trend and retains that touch of sophistication or good taste that socially did not have piercings in the tongue, the navel or in other parts of the body.

1. The universe at your feet, or should I say "to your ears"

Ear with constellation shaped piercings.

2. The combinations can be vertical, triangle or disparate

Ear with constellation formed with piercings.

3. The options are endless as the universe itself

Constellation of piercings.

4. It's like having your own galaxy

Constellation with flowers

5. You can start with something very simple

Simple and minimalist design.

6. Some prefer the triangle design

Triangle design in the ear.

7. But it is not recommended to have more than three perforations in the first session

Piercings distributed throughout the ear.

8. The largest can be mixed with smaller accessories

Different types of accessories can be carried.

9. It is minimalist, fresh and modern

Ear piercings.

10. Ideally, take advantage of the space above the original hole

Piercings distributed along the ear.

11. They are preferred by women who want to have several hoops

Several piercings in the ear.

12. But they also don't want to go into exaggeration

Ear piercings.

13. Definitely deserve a "star"

Constellation in your ear.

14. And the full constellations we love


15. This fashion is causing rage, they look great!


What do you think of this trend? Did you like it? Remember to find a place of trust to make the perforations and look proud your constellation.