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Halo eyebrows have joined the other trends

portada chica cejas halo

It has not been long since the eyebrows became the favorite target for beauty lovers. But just when we thought that eyebrow trends had died with fishtail trends, a blogger of beauty to show us that we were wrong, and that makes us ask: do we really need another absurd trend of beauty on Instagram?

Apparently for them yes, because recently the blogger Hannah Lyne just created the halo eyebrows. After seeing the fishtails and watching his eyebrows move up and down, Lyne thought it would be wonderful if the tails of the weights joined together, then connected them to have a halo on his forehead. This is the latest eyebrow trend and we really don't know what the hell to think.

Hannah Lyne is obsessed with makeup

Girl who invented the trend of halo eyebrows

It is not the first time you experiment with your eyebrows

Girl with eyebrows in a wavy way

Already tried with a lot of different trends

Girl wearing double eyebrows on her face

Including eyebrows inverse

Girl using her eyebrows upside down

The lovely brow

Girl with hearts in the eyebrows

The maxicejas

Girl with big eyebrows

And of course, triple eyebrows

Girl with three eyebrows that form three

Recently he came up with the idea of ​​connecting the tail of his eyebrows on his forehead

Girl wearing halo shaped eyebrows

And that's how the halo eyebrows

Girl with delineated halo shaped eyebrows

Maybe your next trend is cartoon eyebrows

Girl with eyebrows outlined as if they were caricature