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Hairstyles with scarves for day to day

Hairstyles with scarves for day to day

Hairstyles with scarf

When we comb our hair we almost always resort to the same things, for comfort and because we have become accustomed to making certain hairstyles. But today we have many trends that can inspire us, which are simple and also look great for everyday life.

Let's go to see her new trend for hair that has come to stay. We refer to hairstyles with scarves, an accessory that can give us a lot of play. With a handkerchief we can comb our hair but also improve the look by wearing it on the neck or in the bag, making it a must-have this season.

How we combine the handkerchief

When it comes to combining a handkerchief that we carry in our hair, it is sometimes difficult for us because They are usually colorful and patterned. It is good to have one that is of a basic tone, from beige to red or blue, in plain tones. But how the prints are carried are the ones that we will find the most. In this case it is better to dispense with patterned touches on the clothes and wear a handkerchief that matches at least one color with the look so that everything has a certain harmony. As for the prints, the easiest to wear are those with polka dots or stripes, although this year they take a lot of flowers.

Loose hair carefree

One of the simplest things we can do with a handkerchief to give a different touch to our daily hairstyle is to tie it as a headband. Either we tie it at the bottom or we can also make a loop at the top. In this case, the hair is casual, with a certain wave and without having combed it too much. That is why it is ideal for those days when we do not have much time to fix them but we want to give the look a chic touch.

High bun with scarf

Bows with scarf

The bun always wears and we are facing a kind of hairstyle that is really popular. Come on, it is a classic that does not go out of style and that we can always carry with different modifications. In this case we can make a normal bun and use the handkerchief to wrap it, turning several times and making a final knot. The result is totally casual and fun. So we will take the most serious look to such hairstyles.

High ponytail with scarf

Pigtails with scarf

East hairstyle reminds us a lot of the fifties, so it is ideal if we have a similar look. But it also has a touch of a good girl that can be ideal for any classic look or for everyday wear. In this case we talk about the high ponytail decorated with a beautiful scarf. The ponytail is a hairstyle that we all know how to do and that does not go out of style, so with the handkerchief we will give that touch of trend.

Disheveled low ponytail

This hairstyle is for those enjoy the casual touch daily. A low and casual ponytail is really comfortable. With the handkerchief we give it a different touch but it does not stop having that relaxed style of the week.

Braid decorated with a scarf

Braids with scarf

Another of the hairstyles that are very popular are braids. Already in itself it is a beautiful hairstyle that usually does not need anything else, but in this case we see a braid decorated with a handkerchief, which raises the hairstyle even more.

Interlace the handkerchief in the hair

Braids with scarves

This is an idea that we have seen more recently, but it can also be perfect when we have a casual day. Is about tangle the handkerchief when making a braid, a bun or a ponytail.