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Hairstyles with most SPECTACULAR headdresses !!!

peinados tocados

hairstyles touchedThere are many accessory types to add to different beautiful hairstyles with headdresses, especially they can be in many ways such as: sequins, flowers, feathers, lace between many decorations to decorate your hair since these are phenomenal, like the Greek hair that used various objects attached to women's hair.

The hairstyles with headdresses They are not only for weddings or communions we can also use it for everyday life, all depending on the person's taste.

One way to make headdresses look better is to wear the collected hair so they favor and it looks much better.

If you want to remove the hair from the face, you can make a ponytail or chongo will look very elegant and sophisticated, but if you do not want to do something simple here we will show you some hairstyles.

Different types of hair with headdresses

Braided pigtails for hairstyles with headdresses

braided pigtails for hairstyles with headdresses

1- Make a withdrawal or line in the middle, you start to make a braid of three Cabos Baja in the two parts of hair.

2- Once you are ready with the help of your fingers, open the braid so that it looks fatter, and is ready to put on the headdress.

Bow in the lower part with ornament in the hair

low bun with hair trim

1-Detangle the hair and make a withdrawal in the middle, in our hairstyle with headdresses.

2- On the front of one of the two sides, you grab a part of the hair and leave it outside.

3 – That part of hair in threads from the beginning to finish that lock.

4 – Hide the remaining part of the hair with loose hair by rolling everything together and you make a funky the subject with hairpins, Do not forget to put fixative or lacquer.

Hairstyles with headdresses and waves with braid

This kind of hairstyle looks very pretty along with the touched Let's see how to make this hairstyle very easy and simple to use in any type of event you have nearby.

1 – We collect the hair in three layers or a bun under the other we collect less than the bottom.

2 – We begin to undulate from the same direction so that our waves are seen with more volume so we do the same procedure in all the hair without forgetting to place a heat shield and at the end of casting lacquer or fixative so that the wave lasts much longer.

3- We make a retreat in the middle and with a small tuft we make a braid of three Cabos to the middle part and we hold it with a pin we do the same in the other part. then we put our headdress and ready, we finish the hairstyle with headdresses.

Chongo with braid, fantastic along with a special hairstyle

1- You comb all your hair back tightly pressed and make two braids back.

2- With each braid you make a bug and hold it with forks. Do not forget to fix it.

Images of hairstyles with different and magnificent headdresses

Videos to make touches in your hair for any occasion