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Hairstyles for Young Teens + Fashion 2020

peinados para jovénes

youth hairstylesThe hairstyles for young people and fashion is always changing and women love to keep up with the clothes, shoes, handbags that are setting the tone.

The same goes for haircuts and hairstyles that are trending, for example, for this year 2020 what is in fashion are African-American hairstyles and especially a Boho chic style among the youngest girls, it is nothing more than a style where women comb their hair but do not do it perfectly, acquiring a look that says: “if I comb my hair, but I did not try so hard”.

Hairstyles for young teenagers that are fashionable in this year 2020.

As we know that you want to be part of those women who are fashionable with their hair, we have decided to list for you, some hairstyles that are setting trends for this year, are simple hairstyles that you can do for your day to day without any complication Be aware of the step by step that we will explain in each hairstyle.

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The low ponytail is a hairstyle for girls with a different style

Low ponytail with a different style Hairstyles for young peopleThis is a super beautiful haircut that you can use on special occasions, its steps are very simple although it looks a bit complicated, it is more, I put it as an example for you but to use as girl's hairstyles, it is spectacular.

  • Take the top layer of hair and hold it very well.
  • Turn the lock a little and secure it with hairpins.
  • Take a strand that is located sideways to the collected one, rolled inwards while you take the strand towards the other end and fix it with the help of a fork.
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side, but this time you will turn the strand out.
  • Repeat the entire process with two more strands on each side, this in order to give volume to the hairstyle.
  • Make a low ponytail with the remaining hair and then cover it with a lock of hair.

Voila! a beautiful hairstyle that you can use for a romantic date or a party with your friends or even as a look to go to the office, doing this hairstyle will not take you more than 5 minutes, it is a way to mold the hair that is going well at straight and curly people.

Young hairstyle Half pigtail with fishtail braid

Hairstyles for young people Half ponytail with fishtail braidThis is a hairstyle for your day to day, when you go to school or work in those days where you really do not feel like combing your hair too much, the fishtail braid is very simple and the result is beautiful.

  • Take the entire top layer of your hair and fasten it with a garter, preferably the color of your hair or transparent.
  • With the center lock, start making a fishtail queue:
    1. Divide the ponytail into two ends.
    2. Take a strand of the left side and cross it to the right side.
    3. Take a strand of the right side and cross it to the left side.
    4. Repeat the procedure again and again, until you reach the tips of the ponytail, in the last section make a braid of three common ends.
    5. Open the braid to give it more volume.
  • Finally you can add a bow or some other accessory.

When opening the braid to make it look bigger you have to be very careful, because if you open it a lot it can be untied and we lose the job, it is a hairstyle that looks a lot on straight hair and if you have bangs it will be much better.

The hippie braid as a hair style for young women

Hippie braidThis hairstyle has all the style of this year, although the girls are arranged do not seem to have taken much effort, this hairstyle goes great with those who have curly hair and have it straight you should curl it.

  • Hold the front with forks.
  • Take a thin strand and make a braid of three ends, at the end hold it with a league.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  • For a better result, curl your hair with an iron or pincer.
  • When you have finished, join the two braids in the center with the help of a league.

A super easy hairstyle with which you will get the attention of all your friends, if you want to give it a special touch you can add a bow or a brooch of the color you see, dare to do this hairstyle !.

This hairstyle would be part (more or less) of medieval hairstyles, because of the worked and elegant way with which it remains.

Collected as a princess is also one of the most used and simple young hairstyles

Collected from princessThis hairstyle consists of a collection that is a bit disheveled, you can use it on those hot days in your city, combined with beautiful sunglasses, it will look great!

  • Make a low ponytail with a transparent garter or the color of your hair.
  • Open the ponytail in half, in the section of the hair that is above the league and pass the tip of the ponytail through the hole you just made.
  • With the rest of the hair you will make a usual three-strand fabric, open the braid a bit.
  • To finish the roll on itself and secure with a fork.

As you can see, it is a quick and easy way to pick up the hair, there is no time to comb your hair for an event and the most beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that the one collected merges with the waves of the inverted ponytail, which gives a special touch.

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Beautiful jovial hairstyles such as: The Rose Pick

Collected of rosesThe end result is a complete mess in your head and that is the beauty of this collection, the more scruffy the more bohemian you find yourself fulfilling the requirements for this year's fashion.

  • Make three low ponytails, for this you divide the hair into three sections and tie them with a hair color or transparent garter.
  • On the side that you want to start, roll a pigtail by dividing it into two ends and crisscrossing, then take the tips and push it up, to finish you roll over the pigtail you have made attached to the root, secure it with a fork.
  • Repeat the previous step with the other two pigtails you have made and add all the forks you think are necessary.

One of the Hairstyles for young people extremely easy What can you take to the movies, meetings with friends and why not? the beach, don't be selfish! and share this beautiful hairstyle with your friends.

Did you like how haircuts are made for teenage women?

If you liked them, making easy hairstyles is simple, you just need a little patience.

Feel free to leave us your comment on the subject, dare to be bohemian! Start with your hair so you don't fall behind with the hairstyle.