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Hairstyles for the Quinceanera on her 15th Birthday

Hairstyles for the Quinceanera on her 15th Birthday

The 15-year birthday parties for every girl is a dream party where all loved ones, friends and people who are much esteemed who spent beautiful moments in their lives are invited.

That is why your organization is always as important as stressful since you have to have all the details very well defined as the types of hairstyles for the quinceañera, the dresses that you will wear for each moment of the event, then you must also define the accessories, the makeup Regarding your personal image.

Then you have to think about details of where the birthday will take place if it must be in a party room or in a house with a park, the type of music that will be passed to dance, the catering if it will be with sweet and savory food, the drinks and if you will have a live show like a music band, magic show or different entertainments.

As you will see organizing a party of 15 years has many details that you do not have to put aside so in this article what you will be able to get is to know how to comb your birthday for 15, something that many teenagers have a hard time defining.

Imagine that all the girls who go through this social event, stop being girls and begin to be women for society which the image they want to convey to all their guests must be of a radiant woman, where all her beauty stands out but about everything where the hairstyle is shocking like a fairytale princess.

And when I say princess does not mean that it has to be a classic hairstyle but rather the opposite of that, since you can use for example a dress with princess cut and wear one of the modern hairstyles that are trend today and that you can find in Any fashion blog.

As I always say a 15-year-old birthday for a woman is like the first wedding party of her life, after she has one or several weddings that is the protagonist that will be later but you must take advantage now and fulfill your dreams.

Join me to discover all these hairstyles for 15 years and enjoy the beautiful and beautiful ideas you can find to celebrate it and choose your hairstyle in advance.

Hairstyles images for 15 years

Hairstyle collected for quinceañera where flowers are applied in that chongo with a long open bangs and a beautiful makeup

Pretty tiara on the head with a wave hairstyle combed to the side with an eyeliner that marks a lot of elegance

Golden crown with earrings and choker with diamonds are beautiful for a youthful makeup and a hairstyle with many waves with a pigtail on the side

The headdresses are very beautiful combined with tiaras in the hairstyles for quinceañeras

Hairstyle with loose hair with waves that can be used for a quinceanera's birthday or for a wedding

Braids that are combed as if it were a headband combining with a ponytail and a lot of volume on the back of the mane, accompanies a dress where the back looks that can be quietly for the wedding of a bride

One of the prettiest hairstyles for being easy and simple with a thicker and thinner braid around the head with flowers

Steps to wear a double strand twisted braid that looks beautiful to wear loose hair

Fifteen hairstyle with coronation that gives the beautiful touch with loops and curlers in loose hair

A headdress of white and yellow flowers for one of the most classic and traditional collected hairstyles that can be used for 15 years birthday as for weddings

Hair collected by dropping two strands on the forehead that are tied with buckles and flowers on the braids

Rodete semi collected with thick braid with some flowers that are beautiful

Large impeller for collected hairstyles that serves for the bride of a wedding as for a quinceañera who wants to look like an imperial princess

I invite you to see more hairstyles collected

Hairstyles with a lot of volume to be glamorous as if it were some chongos but with brushed hair and applying different headbands in this case a golden one

A tiara in the hair is always beautiful for both the girl who turns 15 and for the girlfriends although for a quinceañera it is more appropriate

Braid sideways and front hair all combed back as using headbands

Beautiful elegant hairstyles for fifteen birthday

How to make hairstyles for quinceañeras

I will explain how to do hairstyles for xv years but also explain what is best and are fashion trends.

The best hairstyles for 15 years are undoubtedly those that enhances the face of the birthday girl since she has to be the protagonist of the party in the salon.

That is why on recommendation we try to choose comfortable hairstyles to be able to wear them all night but at the same time it can be simple to fix if they disarm in the middle of the dance.

This is the reason that collected hairstyles They are very selected at the time of the event as well as wearing loose hair and adding some crown tiara O well diadem to give that touch that reminds us that it is your day.

The collected hairstyle gives you the advantage of not having to worry as much as your hairstyle looks all night without losing the enhancement that every hostess looks for.

Try that the tiaras you choose can try on it before wearing it in the hairstyle so that it looks elegant and you can really define if that apply as an accessory is ideal for what you want.

If you like traditional hairstyles, using combs in your hairstyle can help you to do something original and very elegant as if it were a modern hairstyle but in turn mixing classic touches.

Another type of recommendation for hairstyles for fifteen is to wear your hair with a lot volume To make it more impressive, do not forget that they are teenagers and want to attract a lot of attention so that their popularity predominates at least in that week that is their party.

Other girls are encouraged to vintage hairstyles Because wearing long dresses like a princess often reminds you of fairy tales from other decades.

The loops and the curls You can not miss so much if you have them natural or they are made with a loop to impose on your hair and give more life as if it were wild and sensual in turn the selected hairstyle.

Curly hair can often be a setback for brushing so if your decision is to wear it with curlers then anticipate a few minutes before preparing.

It would be different if you have waves or it is wavy, which is always recommended at the tips of the locks, especially if you want to look youthful, since each strand is presented as if it had a life of its own.

Remember that the night is celebrated the most important day of his life, he spent many weeks organizing these parties from the colors of the dress to the type of makeup, so it is essential to understand the type of look he wants to wear in the celebration.

If in the year that celebrates the event of his 15-year-old birthday, his hair is short, there are different creativity options that can help him look like a royal lady.

These tips of different ideas of hairstyles for short hair can help you make the right decision because ultimately you always decide how you will be presented to your guests.

One of the tips that I learned throughout these years is that if you leave your neck clear about the hair loss of your hair you will look more stylized and that is very good especially if you have a round face or were short.

Remember that you want to dazzle and any beauty tip or tip can help you, so I invite you to continue contributing to this topic in the comments.

Continuing with the hairstyles that favor 15 years is the fringe If you have a lot of forehead.

Beauty tips: Never cover your eyes with your bangs always on the eyebrows or at the same height as you have to have your eyes as clear as possible.

Another tip that many girls forget is to paint your nails solid in color that matches the color of your dress.

As I am also an advocate of using accessories in hairstyles such as floral ornaments or flowers on the buckles.

Since the floral brings that feminine pisca in your style as well as a change of stage in your life as a woman.

The Forks They are beautiful and ideal as long as you know how to hide them in your hairstyle and not be so exposed.

And take advantage if you want to use a bun as much as apply as do it with the same hairstyle where the bows can be made with the same braids since they are very elegant but also youthful.

Remember, you are not a bride at a wedding but you are approaching your celebration that you dreamed as all brides dream at some time in their life.

I know, surely you will be wondering what about the braids?

Of course the Hairstyles with braids For a fifteen-year party they are perfectly a good choice but consider not about loading and using to complement a hairstyle since braid can be more difficult to fix overnight.

As a tip I leave this tutorial to make a cascading braid that is ideal for your 15th birthday as well as different tutorials of the best ideas of braided hairstyles for this year.

How to make hairstyles step by step for 15 years

Now I will explain step by step how to do one of the hairstyles for a quinceañera that I like most of all the hairstyles that I was looking for my daughters.

In this hairstyle for quinceañeras You will be able to find some waves in your hair so that you can then deploy and find a romantic and glamorous movement.

What I advise you is to always use a hairspray to be able to mold the hair as you need it, I used the “soft professionals touchable finish” and I could easily handle and assemble the movement I needed.

Another material that you will need to leave your hair with beautiful waves is a hair pincer that is 1 inch wide

1) What you have to do is separate hair strands from the back of the neck and then put it around by curling around the hair clip

2) Then you hold for a while when you feel that it has already warmed enough you are releasing it

3) You start to open the hair with your fingers to give volume to the mane

With these simple and easy steps you can have a nice easy hairstyle but at the same time with loose hair

If instead you wish not to have your hair down for your birthday then I recommend this medium-collected hairstyle.

This will give you greater comfort in the part of the face and the frontal area so that it does not bother you throughout the party.

1) Separate a few strands and put a little spray to move them as you need

2) Now you have to beat the tuft to give it volume that you can do with a comb brushing several times

3) Comb the top with a hair brush

4) Take it back, leaving a hole and secure it with pins

5) It is time to repeat on the other strand and with the other side of the head

With these semi-picked hairstyles for 15 years Your face will be clearer and you will continue to have long hair.

For this hairstyle I recommend using a fifteen year old dress with lace and neckline that can also be used for your graduation and it will look great.

Now I will show you how to make a total collection taking advantage of the previous hairstyles that explain you of the waves so that you are beautiful.

1) You have to start rolling your hair down and fasten it with pins

2) At the same time you have to beat the hair with the brush to get volume and leave it very glamorous

3) Finally, repeat the process throughout the mane

If you wish you can add a crown and it will look great on the collected hair.

Videos of how to do hairstyles for 15 years

If you want something that is being used a lot on the birthday of fifteen is that you can appear at the party with a chamberlain who can be your brother or a cousin who accompanies you at the party in view of your guests.

That idea is very beautiful and in many countries it is customary as a tradition, for example in my country what is customary is to enter the room with the father of the birthday.

But every occasion is ideal to organize it in advance so as not to do everything at the last moment and not enjoy all the preparations you had been dreaming since when you were a child.

And remember if you still have doubts with all the photos and videos that I leave in this article you can go to a professional stylist and show what you want to do in your hair and she will tell you if that style can be matched with the type of face What do you have.

If not, she will advise you on the best styles for your look and you can face it, which you can do a test before the special day.

Always choose what makes you happy and look beautiful according to your point of view but listen to those who know the most and who are in the fashion world constantly so that you favor the hairstyle but in turn transmit elegance.

Do not look for such a sophisticated hairstyle where it takes you so much maintenance time if you don't have a lot of money since otherwise you will need a stylist throughout the night I always recommend that they be easy hairstyles so that you can fix it yourself if something goes wrong.

If you liked all these hairstyling ideas for your 15 year old party, you can share with your friends to see what they think on Facebook, or send a tweet on twitter, share it on whatsapp if you want to send them a photo of a model that you liked to take in your head that idea as well as on instagram.