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Hairstyles for short hair

Peinados para pelo corto

Hairstyles for short hair

Have the short hair It doesn't mean you can't make yourself hairstyles different adapted to each situation: remove it from your face, make yourself a collected medium or lift it. In we give you some easy and simple solutions to take your hair ready for any situation.

In this article we show you hairstyles for short hair with those that you will feel comfortable and sensual in any situation. Take note!

Short hair: bold hairstyles

If you want a bold hairstyle We advise you to add volume to your short hair With jelly or gel. Get small natural waves or bet on giving it a chic touch through brooches, clips or thin headbands. If you have bangs, comb it well to give a feeling of elegance Or remove it from the face, leaving the forehead in the air so that your eyes stand out.

If you want to make it more fun, take the strands to the crown and roll them up like knots. Be bold and play with your hair, even if it's short!

Hairstyles for short hair - Short hair: bold hairstyles


Short hair: elegance

If you don't like the idea of ​​keeping your hair short wild and crazy, we suggest hairstyles something else classics. Clear the hair from your face by combing it back as if it were wet, (use a fixative for it).

You can also opt for a false bow on the neck, wear a wide headband or some stylish brooches. As last choice, straighten your hairto give an elegant touch to your rebel hair.

Hairstyles for short hair - Short hair: elegance


Short hair: medium collected

You may have short hair but long enough to make you collected media. This is the best option for a dinner, a wedding or any other celebration. These collected are ideal because it does not matter if any strand escapes. The best thing is that it seems casual and messy.

Use a curling iron to give volume to your hair, then, grab the strands of your face with tweezers or hairpins, you can also leave some strand on your face. Roll some strands on your neck and hold them with tweezers and let the rest of the hair fall loose. Another option is to opt for a braid attached to the head. Let your imagination fly!

Hairstyles for short hair - Short hair: medium collected


Short hair: curls

Another of the hairstyles with short hair The most successful is the one that plays with the curls and the waves since they manage to give a flirtatious and angelic touch to your look. Choose to curl your hair with a curling iron and let it look messy. You will get a delicate, sophisticated and very natural style. You will fall in love!

Hairstyles for short hair - Short hair: curls


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