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Hairstyles for long hair 2020

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If you have a long hair and sometimes you are bored of always wearing the same look, you can take into account some options that we will show you next in hairstyles for long hair that will be used in this year 2020, which will make you look a very beautiful hair and youth.

Hairstyles for long hair

There are lots of proposals to wear long hair, and that looks vital and radiant, avoiding falling into a rained and graceless hair. You just have to remember to give it the necessary attention, so that it looks pretty and healthy, since long hair needs more care than short hair, to maintain its natural shine and that it does not dry out.


One of the keys for many seasons is to play with the natural texture of the hair, this can be achieved by helping us with products, be it gel, fixative, mousse, wax, shine, etc.

This looks like a very casual hairstyle but in reality these waves are very elaborate and have the advantage of giving a lot of volume to the hair. A semi-picked hairstyle with straight bangs and many but many waves, make a youthful and very sexy look, without a doubt one of the prettiest.

Another semi-pick that combines waves and straightness, and the slightly carded appearance of the top make it very attractive for a night out or a romantic date.

One of the prettiest ways to carry the waves is with long, loose hair, picking only the upper part, either with a half tail or with small braids. You just have to decide how wavy you are going to wear and go, because we already know that the waves are not complicated and very attractive.


For the most romantic who want to opt for a feminine and sophisticated image, the best options of the season are the pigtails, either with the incorporation of braids or a high tail of very elegant looking hair.

A stylish ponytail is the easiest way to hide if the hair is not in its best condition, while achieving a charming and timeless look, regardless of the natural texture of the hair.

Pigtails are always in fashion, they are easy, they favor everyone and they are perfect for when it is very hot. You can wear them with ornaments or without them, because they are very versatile.


The different types of braids are all based on the same manufacturing technique, but they all have different twists and turns. Among fish tails, dairy braids, French and more, there are a lot of styles that can be chosen when making a hairstyle. And as if this were not enough, the amount of different hairstyles that can be done are really infinite.

Three wire braid

It is the simplest of braids. To make it easier to make, make your hair moist before starting the process.

Fishtail Braid

This style is created by separating the hair into two sections. The technique involves taking a strand from under one of the sections and passing it to the other.

French braid

The French braid continuously incorporates strands of hair into a three-wire braid. Every time you pass the hair through the central strand, you will grab more hair and add it.

Inverted braid

The French braiding technique is used here again, except that this time, you will do it so that it starts at the back of the neck and goes up. If you do it yourself, it's easier to turn your head completely.

Dutch braid

The Dutch braid is basically a French braid, but instead of running your hair over each strand, you do it underneath. This allows the braid to settle on the top of the head. It can be used to create a headband braid, pigtails or a single Dutch braid.

Milkmaid or milkmaid braid

The easiest way to create a milk braid is to create two common braids and pull them to fix them on the crown of the head like a headband. They can also be built with a French braid and fixed around the head.

Four wire braid

There are also four and five wire braids.

Waterfall braid

Of course, all these types of braids we have seen can be used to create very beautiful hairstyles like the ones we see below.


Some of the following collected can be imagined as part of their elegant casual look, and others can be considered for special events. Check out.


And for those who do not have too much time to devote to their hair, this season will be the ideal since they can simply opt for a simple ballerina bun which will give them a very current image.


For a formal outing or ceremony, you can pick up the hair in a chignon knot, which accompanied by beautiful earrings and makeup may be the best choice.


Cluttered pickups remain a trend for many years. The possibilities are many and varied.

With braids

Braids can help us create very nice collections.


If you have long hair you can try some beautiful hairstyles with loose hair, either straight, with waves or curls. With curtain style bangs on the forehead or to the side, with ultra-defined waves with an air in the 70's, the possibilities are several as you can see below.


One of the possibilities is long, radiant and very straight hair, combed in the middle. You can wear this cute look, smoothing the hair very well, without forgetting to use quality products that take care of the health and integrity of the hair fibers and finally combing it straight to both sides of the head symmetrically.

Layers are a great method to get rid of split ends and unmanageable hair texture. A type of layers that is very flattering, are those that frame the face, making it look narrower.

The asymmetries also put their own, in looks that play with the textures of the hair and enhance the movement.

Hectic and stylish layers put a little drama on their side and include graduations in the bangs can also be highly recommended, especially if you are looking for a more youthful look.


Hairstyles for long hair with waves also work well, if only on the tips and the rest of the straight hair. A more sophisticated air that also favors girls who are short because it gives them a more stylized appearance. It is also a hairstyle that always seems very natural to us. They are styles that are easy to achieve because in a short time you curl your hair with the help of an iron or curling iron.

You can also choose retro-inspired waves. Once the waves are done, shake with your fingers to give the hairstyle a more natural air and comb to the side.

You can use some product that adds volume to the hair and gives you more body.


It is a very easy style to adopt. You need only curl your hair, and separate the hair with your fingers to give the hairstyle a more natural and larger appearance.

Textures of perfectly straight hair can be mixed up and in the long beautiful curls. If you have been interested in this proposal, you can proceed by brushing to straighten the shorter hair, having previously prepared the hair with a spray that adds volume and down to make the desired curls in the way they accustom.