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Hairstyles for graduation 2020 trends and photos

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Young girls usually do not feel comfortable with complicated hairstyles, so graduation hairstyles should be youthful and comfortable. So so that you do not run out of options and can look your best, today we bring you some suggestions that are a trend for 2020.

Penalties for graduation

If you are looking for a modern hairstyle to look very chic, we show you some that can be an inspiration.


Semi-collected hairstyles are a favorite among the youngest ones, because they are very comfortable, beautiful and at the same time give a very natural appearance.

A slightly messy style can add some glamor. Curls and disheveled waves can give a very modern texture.

The part that is collected can be made with braids or tufts turned. The possibilities are endless.


The hairstyles collected are some of the styles that are more fashionable in recent years. They create a very elegant look. They can be simple bows, dancer style, braided and many more options that we will see below.


Ballerina or Top Knot

Undoubtedly, the dancer style bows, also known as top knot, are an excellent choice for those who want a simple and easy to do penis, since in a few minutes we can achieve a beautiful and elegant styling. They are also perfect for those days that our hair is not in its best state, without a doubt such a bun conceals it well.

They have no limit or rules. Simple, complex buns of different sizes, perfectly screwed or without much effort, are some of the options and all are perfect. You can also decorate them with accessories, either flowers or crystals.


Messy bun, which seems made with little effort, is one of the most popular trends. They are perfect for casual occasions as formal, give a carefree but not messy style. They are sexy and bold, perfect for use with hair accessories.

Drying the hair with the head upside down can help the hair have more volume and texture.


The chignon is one of the most feminine hairstyles of all time. Although this aspect is eternally elegant and seems complicated, it is very easy to create. Pick up the hair with your fingers and hold it in a low ponytail. Do not worry if some strands of hair fall out, that adds beauty. Screw the ponytail around itself forming a large loop and fix it with hairpins in place.

They are increasingly popular, since they give us a lot of style and in addition to a modern look, they give us elegance and sophistication. However, there is a great variety that can be perfect for every occasion.

The key to achieving a feminine, sophisticated and fluid hairstyle is to avoid hard and angular shapes.


Whether you have long, midi or short hair, loose hair is another trend of all time. Its popularity is due to its sensual, elegant and refined appeal.

Curls or waves in the lower part of loose hair is also a very current hairstyle.

You can use a hair curler or iron to achieve this type of hairstyles. If you take large strands of hair, the curls will look larger than if you take small sections of hair. After the curls are done, shake them with your fingers. To get a look inspired by the 40s, curl only the lower half of the hair and a side part to give it depth.

To get the hair to brown longer and longer, here's an old trick: mix 1 tablespoon of sea salt and 1/4 cup of water and spray on damp hair.

Before doing a hairstyle, the hair has to look its best. To soften and beautify it, you can apply warm olive oil, coconut oil or natural avocado butter. Leave on for 30 minutes, and then wash with shampoo as usual. Finish the wash with a jet of cold water so that the hair is shiny.


Ponytail hairstyles can be perfect for casual or formal occasions. It gives a balanced and feminine appearance.

Pigtails are a classic style hairstyle that never goes out of style. It is a simple style but it can look great on any occasion.

To achieve this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner for straight hair. Leave the hair wrapped in a towel for about 10 minutes. Dry straight hair with a round brush. Be sure to dry it well on the crown of the head. When this area is almost dry, apply the dryer to the roots by lifting them to give volume to the hair. If you wish, you can place your head down to facilitate the task. Once dry, apply mousse to give texture and body, but not in the roots. Then, tie the hair in a ponytail on the neck and lift it a little, so that the hair in the crown is slightly raised.

You can combine a braid with pigtail. A French braid that joins the hair as a tiara to the side of the head and then ties with the rest of the hair in a side ponytail.


Hairstyles with braids are a trend that we can all take advantage of if the length of our hair allows. And if you do not have long enough hair, you should not deprive yourself of these styles, you can resort to hair extensions.

Braids are a way of wearing collected hair that has become more elegant every day.

This season again take advantage of very disheveled hairstyles. Going disheveled has been "in" for several years.

You can also wear a long side braid, which is very flattering.


A super simple hairstyle can look very different if you add a flirtatious and elegant detail.

The hairstyle for a formal occasion is a necessity because it plays a very important role in physical appearance and style. There is a wide variety of styles and trends to choose from, but it does not mean that everyone suits you. The perfect hairstyle is the one that best suits your personality, hair type, dress style and facial features.