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Hairstyles for fascinating and SIMPLE quinceañeras

peinados para quinceañeras

hairstyles for quinceañerasThe fifteen years is the time of transition from girl to woman, so in several parts of the world, it is customary to make a party where that change is celebrated in the life of a girl. This is the celebration where young girls usually wear a gala dress, makeup and Hairstyles for quinceañeras elegant for the first time in their lives.

Being perfect and radiant is the dream of every quinceañera, that's why we take care of bringing you different modern easy hairstyles, which are fashionable for this year's quinceañeras.

The semi-collected classic has been left behind, the Hairstyles for teenagers of today are opting for high neck lace dress and to accompany their outfit it is better an elegant collection.

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The best hairstyles collected for the quinceañeras of 2020.

Picked up with braid on top

Picked up with braid on the top Hairstyles for quinceañerasThis is an elegant and beautiful quinceanera hairstyle that can be perfect for the quinceañera, although it is a bit elaborate, its steps are easy to follow, you just have to have many hairpins on hand to start the hairstyle, these are the Steps:

How to make Picked up with braid on top?

  • To start we must give volume to the back of the hair, take a large hairline at the height of the crown, give volume with comb and hairspray.
  • Choose another section of hair under which you had already taken and repeat the procedure.
  • Comb the section you have worked on and secure it with two hairpins.
  • Separate the front tufts of the head, that is, those that are in front of the ears.
  • The hairstyle begins to take shape using the strands located at the back, you must select a strand and turn it on itself, then roll it up in an open circle and secure it with a hairpin or pin.
  • Repeat the procedure with all the strands located on the back of the head, except a strand of hair that is behind the ear, on the side you prefer.
  • The strand of hair that you left out are going to be knitted like a common braid of three ends, it has to be very close to the one collected so that it looks above it, this braid will not be attached to the root simply weaves towards the other side to the whores and you open it with the help of your fingers.
  • Then with a fork you fix it and hide its tip behind the bun.
  • The front portion is divided into two ends, the inner end of both sides you will pass under the collected, winding the tips and forming a circle at the bottom.
  • With the remaining strand you perform the same procedure, but this time the strand will be located up.

It is one of many quinceanera styles, but this one is simply beautiful, it will impact anyone when they enter the quinceañera into the party room, accompanied by a small tiara or a flower crown, it is simply divine!

Hairstyle for quinceañeras: El Recogido with braid type flower

Picked with flower braidThis is a beautiful and very simple hairstyle, you do not need to be a professional hairdresser so that the quinceañera is beautiful, for him you only need many hairpins, preferably the birthday girl's hair color, the trick is to knit adding hair down the braid .

How to make a collection with braid type flower for teenagers?

  • The hairstyle starts from front to back, for this you will make a line to the side and from that side that has more hair you start knitting.
  • Start braiding from the line in the middle backwards around the entire head, feeding the braid on both ends, the important thing is that you add hair below the tissue.
  • Follow all the tissue around the head until you reach the other side of the neck, there you continue to add hair, but the tissue will be loose and not at the root as it has been done.
  • You carry the braid to the ends and then you start to open the fabric, you should not fear that the hair of the braid is known, for a better touch you should open it as much as you can, since the bigger the braid the better.
  • When you reach the loose weave of the braid you will only open the outer side, that is, the right side of the braid.
  • With the help of hairpins or fasteners, the braid begins to rotate forming a circle in the lower area of ​​the head.
  • Add all the forks you think are necessary to hold the braid well along the head.

The result is simply beautiful, the teenager will dazzle with this look, braiding is a kind of style for quinceañeras very easy when you become right-handed with your fingers, everything is in practice!

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Cross-hair picking is one of the perfect quinceañeras hair

Collected from crossed endsThis is an even easier hairstyle than the previous ones, you do not need to be a braiding master because the whole technique consists of crossing hair strands, with suspenders and few hairpins you will achieve a beautiful result.

How to make cross-head collection?

  • To start you must split your hair to the side, previously well brushed.
  • You must take a tuft at the height of the ear holding it with a thin garter, then you must make another ponytail to the side.
  • Next, you open the first ponytail in two parts and through it pass the tip of the second ponytail, so that holding the hair of the second ponytail uses a clamp.
  • Then make a third ponytail right next to it, for this you will use the tips of the first ponytail and a new section of hair.
  • Repeat the entire procedure until you have no more hair to add, surrounding the entire head.
  • Next, you will work with the last two pigtails that you have left, to the outermost ponytail you will add a second league at an approximate distance of three fingers, then you open that portion of hair between both leagues and through that hole you will pass the second pigtail that was free, repeat this step until the end of the queue.
  • All the braid that has formed in the back opens it very carefully, this in order to make it look bigger and more beautiful.
  • To finish the low ponytail that you wove last you will put it under the back braid with the help of many hairpins.

It is a simple and beautiful hairstyle that looks to anyone.

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The most important thing of a teenage girls party is to be able to share it with your loved ones, however it is a time to seize the opportunity to dazzle with one of these hairstyles for young quinceañeras.