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hairstyle tips and ideas for men

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Wavy hair

There are many men who have natural waves in their hair, which is also known as wavy hair. This type of hair is neither straight nor curly, but is in a midpoint between the two..

In this way, wavy hair has some of the advantages of both straight and curly hair. It is manageable like straight hair (or almost), but the waves make body issues more like curly hair. For this reason It is considered a very flattering hair type, as well as ideal for any haircut.

What are waves and how to treat them

Kit Harington in 'Gunpowder'

How to know if you have wavy hair and not straight or curly? Recognizing the waves is very simple: this type of hair has an "S" shape, while the curly grows in a spiral and the smooth one naturally does it in a straight line.

Drying time is key when you have waves. If your hair is thick as well as wavy, dry it with a towel or a low power dryer so that the volume is not uncontrolled. On the other hand, if you have fine hair, the dryer can help you get an extra ration of volume. It should be noted that the waves already make thin hair appear thicker without the need for a dryer, although there is no doubt that the use of it helps to reinforce this feature even more.

Finally, if you have waves but they are not as defined as you would like, There are numerous products for waves on the market that may be useful during styling. Surfer effect sprays are among the most popular products for this purpose. However, if you need to straighten it, the most effective is a hair straightener. But, since they can damage the hair, it is advisable to limit its use.

Haircuts for wavy hair

Let's see ideas of haircuts and hairstyles for wavy hair. Stylish options for both short hair and long hair.

Short on the sides and long on the top

Short haircuts on the sides and long hair on the top they work very well in men with wavy hair. They are also more fashionable than ever, both degraded and undercut style versions.

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan wears a cut hair with a very soft measurement difference between the sides and the top. If you want this haircut, ask your barber to cut it with scissors. This hairstyle also stands out for gathering both texture and definition. In this sense, not letting it grow too much between cutting and cutting is key, as well as preventing products from leaving it too caked when styling it. Finally, it is an idea to keep in mind if you wear a beard, since it forms a very good pair with medium and long beards.

Rami Malek's hairstyle

Rami Malek has the haircut that you should consider if you need to be ready in a short time in the morning. The actor wears the nape and the very short sides, while the upper part is neither too short nor too long: It is long enough to form a stylish toupee. Limiting the waves of your hair to the top of the head will save you time when combing your hair. In addition, high dividing lines will also be helpful if you need your face to appear more elongated.

Wavy hair with bangs

Thanks to its volume, Wavy hair is a prime raw material to make all kinds of bangs and toupees.

Penn Badgley in 'Gossip Girl'

The side bangs is an excellent idea to shape your hairstyle. Penn Badgley opts for a Side stripe in a relaxed style that takes advantage of the body and the pleasant mess of wavy hair.

Timothée Chalamet with half-length cut

As Timothée Chalamet demonstrates, open bangs can also form a great team with wavy hair. In combination with the bangs, soft waves help attenuate very sharp and angular features.

Medium Wavy Hair

Short or long does not matter, when you have wavy hair hair measurement is not an obstacle to getting a stylish and latest hairstyle.

Jason Momoa with half mane

If you have wavy hair, you can get a surfer-like half-hair like actor Jason Momoa. Apart from genetics and seawater, the other secret to carrying such natural waves is to leave them quite in their own way. Sometimes getting a great hairstyle is that simple. You can use products to give them definition, but comb it with your hands to keep that wild touch.

Aidan Turner with half mane

If you prefer to keep your wavy half-hair under control, there are few options as fast and effective as the samurai hairstyle. Combing long hair back in tension also has other advantages: it helps to accentuate the lines of your face, as well as for the hair to combine better with certain garments, especially formal ones.