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Haircuts with bangs

Cortes de pelo con flequillo

Haircuts with bangs

The fringe It is still a complement to our image, that is why we must take care of it and integrate it into our style. If you are thinking of changing your look, give a renewed air, be fashionable and look beautiful, you should know which are the best cHair orts with bangs. We know that thinking about its shape, the volume you want and how long your hair should be can be somewhat complicated, so in the following article of we give you some tips and examples of bangs with bangs so that your stylist knows exactly how you want it. Ready to look perfect with your new haircut?

Cleopatra Court

One of the great classics is the Cleopatra style mane. Without a doubt, it is one of the best cuts to combine it with a nice bangs. If you want to be fashionable, you must reinvent this classic cut using a less straight bangs and cut slightly above the eyebrows. Also, do not comb your hair straight and straight, give it a touch of volume by placing the tips inwards, which will give you roundness to this traditionally square cut. Reinvent a classic with this cut with unique bangs.

Haircuts with bangs - Cleopatra Cut

Asymmetric cut

The Bob style haircut It is ideal to relive the era of the 70's. This type of cut plays with the hair length asymmetrically on both sides. It starts short in the back and gains length as it approaches the face. It is important to get the cut right to get the desired result. You can accompany the Bob-style cut with a straight bangs, especially if you have an oval face.

Haircuts with bangs - Asymmetric cut

Long mane

If you want a long hair, we recommend climbing and wicking it to achieve a natural and moving effect. For this type of cut, you can also opt for a straight bangs but also natural. How to get it? Very easy, you just have to undo it and give it movement, for this we recommend that you do not use the iron or the dryer too much and that you leave it at your leisure.

With a long or medium-long mane, you can also opt for a bulky bangs East look It is current, fresh and casual. Give a touch to your straight hair with the dryer and iron and let your bangs be somewhat longer than usual, especially at the sides.

Another good option is to play with the stripe, preferably to the side, and place a short banded bangs that contrast with your mane. This is a flattering bet if you mark the strands of the bangs well. Play with the volume of your hair to give it movement and naturalness.

Haircuts with bangs - Long hair

Short hair

What better than decorating your face with a nice bangs and much more if you want to cut your hair. If your hair is curly or wavy, a side bangs It can be a safe bet, as it will give you an air chic Irresistible. Remember that straight bangs with short hair can create visual helmet-like effects. Play with the length of the tufts to be more interesting, you can even resort to the subtlety and the suggestion that the bangs cover your eye.

On the other hand, if you opt for a very short, masculine style pleo cut, the bangs will be your best ally to give that touch of femininity to the cut. Make the bangs of the bangs predominate in your look. To do this, you must bet on a long and preferably straight one. How to get it? Simply, you should leave the upper layer of your hair longer and cut the lower ones a lot. You will look more if you always wear it very smooth and give it a touch of fixation, with lacquer or fixative, so that not a single hair moves. In the purest Rihanna style!

If you do not want a bangs that come to your face a lot and cover your face, opt for a extreme cut and simply a few tufted parades to accompany and frame it. Ideally, do it with the line in the middle, if it is flattering. This type of cut is ideal for small faces.

Haircuts with bangs - Short hair

Rebel courts

No doubt the latest trend is the Hairstyle-disheveled. Give a rocker and rebel air to your look through a cut and natural cut. Ideally, take a half-layered mane, all with volume. As for the bangs, for this look bet on a long and disheveled one. The rebel cuts serve to give a careless look to your image, even if you've taken hours to get it. The image would be that of a newly raised girl. Don't you think it's sexy?

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Haircuts with bangs - Rebel cuts

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