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Hair prostheses for men with alopecia

Hair prostheses for men with alopecia

Alopecia is a very common hair problem among men and there are more and more cases in which it appears at earlier ages. Stress, poor diet or genetic and hereditary factors can be some of the main causes of this problem among young people. Years ago, men let time pass by seeing how they lost their hair, but today in Beltrán Centers we are noticing that more and more young people, and not so young, are choosing to solve their problem with a hair prosthesis. We explain its advantages and types of hair prostheses for men!

Hair prostheses for men with alopecia

Within all hair solutions, most men opt for hair prostheses because it is the fastest, most comfortable, undetectable, painless and economical solution.

  • Fast: just by putting on the prosthesis you have the desired hair again.
  • Comfortable: It is a very comfortable hair solution that allows you to make a totally normal life. You can even bathe, play sports and sleep with her on.
  • Undetectable: the capillary integration systems that exist in the market are designed so that they are not noticed. As we always say … neither the notes nor the note!
  • Painless: The hair prostheses that we offer in Beltrán Centers adhere to the scalp by means of adhesive tapes that are easily peeled off with the appropriate liquids. For this reason your scalp does not suffer and you also avoid going through the operating room.
  • Economic: You can find hair prostheses from € 300.

Types of hair prostheses for men

In the market you can find two types of hair prostheses for men: standard and custom made hair prostheses.

  • The standard hair prostheses, as their own name indicates, they are made with standard measurements and are manufactured in chain in China. They are made with Asian caliber hair (0.060 mm) of a single color on a round, oval or rectangular base of a considerable thickness and then can be cut to the needs of each client. When implanting the hair is done with the same density throughout the piece. All these characteristics make them the most economical prostheses and have a shorter duration (about 6 months).
  • The custom hair prostheses They perfectly mimic your hair and can be made of any size and shape. In Beltrán Centers we manufacture them by hand in our workshop in Valencia and to perform them we take 36 measures of the skull to fit like a glove. We make them with European caliber hair (0.045 mm) of the highest quality and with a super thin and hypoallergenic base (0.03mm) so that the scalp transpires perfectly. When manufactured one by one and by hand allows us to fully customize them: we mimic the births, incoming and outgoing, swirls, the different shades of color, we reduce the amount of hair implanted in certain areas according to the needs … we take care of all the details to achieve a greater undetectability , comfort and durability (these can last up to 3 years with proper maintenance). Discover how we manufacture them in this video:

For cases where alopecia is very pronounced, As we discussed in another article, we always recommend changing the image gradually with progressive hair prostheses.

This is the hair prosthesis of Miguel de Gran Hermano. Since the beginning of the new edition of Big Brother 17 and Miguel Vilas discovered in the presentation video that he had undetectable hair prostheses many have been the men who have called our center interested in this solution for alopecia. This is why we want to explain what the Big Brother contestant's prosthesis looks like and how it is properly maintained.

In Beltrán Centers we classify the prostheses in four different sizes:

Many well-known characters, such as Miguel de Gran Hermano 17, have opted for hair prostheses to solve their hair problem. If like them you want to solve alopecia Get in contact with us And if you have any questions we will solve it!