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Hair enhancers: types and placement

Hair enhancers: types and placement

Androgenetic alopecia or diffuse alopecia in women causes hair loss in the upper part of the head. But like every problem, it has a solution. We tell you how with hair enhancers you can recover and / or increase the volume of your hair!

Types of hair enhancers

A booster It is a hair solution in which natural hair is implanted on a lattice of very fine threads. The shape of its base allows the hair of the person wearing it to be thinned and mixed with that of the piece. This achieves a completely uniform hair.

There are two types of boosters:

– Increases made completely to medium. These are made completely personalized and with the measures that the client needs. In this way the different shades of the hair can be imitated, they are manufactured by implanting natural hair of European caliber (0.045mm) and with the desired volume. They are also manufactured following the client's own birth.

For all its features, with the custom-made enhancers, maximum undetectability is achieved and allows you to perform any activity of daily life, including sleeping.

– Standard boosters They are another capillary solution cheaper than the previous one since they are manufactured in factories in China with already established measures and shapes. There are rectangular, round and oval and do not allow to change its size. On the other hand these are also made with thicker and worse quality hair than the previous ones (0.060 mm), with a single color tone, with a lot of hair and with the same density throughout the piece.

How do you place a booster?

As we have already mentioned, the booster is a solution that It allows you to integrate the piece with your own hair so that in sight it is all one. On the other hand, it also has a fastening system to prevent it from moving, such as clips or combs, or by means of adhesive tape (depending on the case and the amount of hair on the bottom).

For this, it is placed on the upper part of the head, fixed with the restraint system and by means of a needle, the hair itself is thinned, achieving maximum integration. In addition they are usually placed leaving the client's hair in front to achieve greater undetectability.

After putting on, you can now do normal hair styling and even pick up without problems.

What maintenance do hair enhancers require?

These pieces being natural hair require a care similar to that of our hair but emphasizing hydration. For this reason it is always advisable to leave it at least 20 minutes with the mask on so that the hair of the booster is hydrated correctly.

The key to proper maintenance of these parts is to do it with the right professional products. In Beltrán Centers we always recommend Wella SP Luxe shampoo, mask and Luxe Oil.

And the frequency depends on the use but it is advisable to perform the maintenance of the booster every 7 or 8 days.

As you can see, the enhancers are a comfortable and undetectable hair solution that allows solving both alopecia problems and women without hair problems who want to have more volume in their hair. Hair prostheses for the upper part of the head are also a perfect solution.

In Beltrán Centers we have been manufacturing and placing this type of hair solutions since 1950 so if you have any questions or need more information you can ask us and our professional experts will inform you of everything you need.